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Planning a demolition project and need looking for the best demolition contracts Jupiter have to offer? At Evergreen Junk Removal Services we not only haul away construction debris and demolition debris, we also work with licensed and professional demolition contractors. Whether you are looking to get a pool demolition, lite demolition or something much larger done we can help you get it done. 

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Demolition Contractors In Jupiter

Demolition Contractors In Jupiter

When it comes to the remodeling of your building structure, there is need for you to engage the services of a professional demolition contractor.

A demolition contractor is an expert in the art of demolishing commercial and residential buildings to create space for new structures. However, there are important factors that should be considered when you want to work with a demolition contractor.

Insurance of the demolition contractor: It is crucial to do a due diligence about the contractor’s liability insurance status.

You should be assured that your preferred contractor has insurance and registered with the appropriate organizations that regulate the activities of demolition contractors.

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Jupiter, Florida

We are a full service Florida junk removal company but also provide demolition contracting services. 

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Doing Demolition Jobs and Construction Debris Removal For Clients

8+ Years

For over 8 years we've been doing lite demolition and full service demolition jobs for residential and commercial residences. Although, we are primarily a debris removal company we work with many construction companies all throughout Florida.

Do you need a same day construction debris clean up done along with demolition job? Call Evergreen Junk Removal Services can take on both tasks, simply call today to discuss a project and for a quote.

Jupiter Demolition Contractors

Safety Procedures: Does the contractor pay attention to safety procedures at work? Working on a site requires professionals to deliver a safe working experience, and the safety of lives and properties should be a priority. If you feel any contractor cannot guarantee this, it is better not to employ the company.

Availability of the proper tools: Without the use of the right tools for the demolition project, the probability of achieving success is low. It is critical to engage the services of a reputable demolition contractor that have the necessary tools to deliver an excellent service.

Years of existence: We cannot ignore the role of experience when it comes to hiring professional demolition experts for the job. Ask the contractor about the previous projects, and the opportunity to speak with past clients.

Efficiency: Delivering an amazing customer experience should be a major priority for all business owners. In this case, you need to choose a reliable contractor that meets deadlines, and deliver exceptional service beyond your expectations.

Jupiter Demolition Contractors

Jupiter Demolition Contractors

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Prepared For Any Demolition Project

Are you looking for a licensed and professional demolition company near your area? If yes, Evergreen Junk Removal Services provides the most professional demolition services and more. Let our experienced team assist you with you demolition contractor needs.

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Demolition Contractors Jupiter

Demolition Contractors Jupiter

Demolition Contractors Jupiter

Our Demolition Contractors Jupiter Services

Evergreen Junk Removal is a reputable demolition company preferred by most homeowners and property developers. As a committed brand dedicated to a safe and clean environment, we are poised to offer an incredible experience for our customers. We are a professional demolition service provider that offers professional demolition services for commercial and residential structures.

At Evergreen Junk Removal, the satisfaction of our clients comes first on our agenda. We are proud to have a team of insured and licensed professionals who work to ensure the safety of lives and properties on the sites of our clients.

As a professional brand that understands the importance of safety, we hold on to the guidelines of safety in our activities on site, and do not endanger the lives of people around and on the project site. We also charge customer-friendly rates at Evergreen Junk Removal, and our prices are determined by the workload and project’s size.

There are various demolition contractors offering demolition services in the market, and they offer services such as:

  • Industrial Demolition Services
  • Civil Demolition Services
  • Residential Demolition Services
  • Commercial Demolition services
  • Interior Renovation services
  • Facility Abatement
  • Asbestos and Lead Abatement
  • Response and restoration services


Demolition service prices are determined by various factors which will be enumerated. However, the average price of a home demolition service is calculated around $2,000-5,000 while commercial demolition service can cost you about $35,000. Other factors that could increase your pricing could be your preferences for some sections in your home or office. For example, a kitchen remodeling service with the fixing of new apparatuses may cost you more than pulling down of walls and cleanup services.