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Planning a demolition project and need looking for the best demolition contracts Lauderhill have to offer? At Evergreen Junk Removal Services we not only haul away construction debris and demolition debris, we also work with licensed and professional demolition contractors. Whether you are looking to get a pool demolition, lite demolition or something much larger done we can help you get it done. 

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Demolition Contractors In Lauderhill

Demolition Contractors In Lauderhill

Demolition should be left in the hands of a professional contractor, and the procedure of hiring one can be cumbersome. However, there are various factors that must be considered when engaging the services of a demolition contractor.

These are:

  • Will there be a need for a permit for the demolition exercise? Ask who will be responsible for the processing of the permit.
  •  Will they provide you with a written agreement which states the tasks and duration of the task completion?
  • How many years have they been in business? Are they licensed and insured?
  • Will they be in charge of the waste removal from the site?
  • Will the contractor be responsible for the disconnection of the utilities in the structure?

Why You Should Choose Evergreen Junk Removal

There are several demolition companies offering demolition services, but there are genuine reasons why you should choose our brand.

  • We make use of Sophisticated Tools

At Evergreen Junk Removal, we have a team of experts that utilizes professional and advanced gear for smooth demolition services. We are proficient in the application of these tools to deliver an amazing experience for you.

As an experienced demolition company, we handle commercial and residential demolition projects no matter the size. We have an undying commitment to serve our clientele, and make them long-term customers of our brand. 

Demolition Lauderhill Service radius: 50 Miles

  • Latitude: 26.1404° N
  • Longitude: 80.2134° W

Lauderhill, Florida

We are a full service Florida junk removal company but also provide demolition contracting services. 

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Doing Demolition Jobs and Construction Debris Removal For Clients

8+ Years

For over 8 years we've been doing lite demolition and full service demolition jobs for residential and commercial residences. Although, we are primarily a debris removal company we work with many construction companies all throughout Florida.

Do you need a same day construction debris clean up done along with demolition job? Call Evergreen Junk Removal Services can take on both tasks, simply call today to discuss a project and for a quote.

Lauderhill Demolition Contractors

Certified Professionals

Our team of professionals is a collection of experienced personnel with combined experience of more than two decades. These experts can operate any machine meant for the demolition process. They are licensed and insured so you are exempted from legal issue that may arise in case of injury or damage to your home structure.

Awesome Pricing Plan according to Workload and Project Site

We take into consideration your workload and the project site during the preparation of your quote. You are assured of a matchless pricing plan that offers value for your money.

Good Organization

Evergreen Junk Removal has the most organized team in the industry, and that is a fact. We are efficient in our services, and do not miss deadlines.

Waste Management

We do not only demolish the old structures, we also take care of the waste and debris that are accumulated after the demolition. You can count on our expertise and skill to handle the waste management, as we will sieve the waste products that can be recycled and the products that should be discarded.

Observance of Safety Procedures

Safety of lives and properties is the major priority of Evergreen Junk Removal, and that has been the center of our business policy since we started operations. Our track record of adhering to the safety guideline is there to speak for us. We strive to ensure the safety of everyone in the site, and make sure no casualty is recorded.

Services offered by most Demolition Services Contractors 

Most demolition service contractors are specialized in the provision of three major services, and these include:

  • Residential demolition
  • Commercial demolition
  • Industrial demolition
Lauderhill Demolition Contractors

Lauderhill Demolition Contractors

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Prepared For Any Demolition Project

Are you looking for a licensed and professional demolition company near your area? If yes, Evergreen Junk Removal Services provides the most professional demolition services and more. Let our experienced team assist you with you demolition contractor needs.

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Demolition Contractors Lauderhill

Demolition Contractors Lauderhill

Demolition Contractors Lauderhill

Our Demolition Contractors Lauderhill Services

Residential Demolition Services

Residential demolition service entails the pulling down of residential structures, and remodeling of the home structure for the creation of a bigger space. We are experts in kitchen, basement, and bathroom remodeling services.

Commercial Demolition Services

While some demolition companies shy away from rendering this service due to their lack of sophisticated equipment, we are capable of delivering a fantastic customer experience for corporate brands that need our commercial demolition services. Our professionalism and expertise are our core strengths as we offer commercial demolition services for commercial structures.

Industrial Demolition Services

Not every contractor offers this service, but we are the best in the industry when it comes to the industrial demolition services. We have a competitive edge over other brands as we possess the following:

  • Knowledge of the industry
  • Possession of equipment to deliver the job
  • A team of licensed professionals with a combined experience of two decades
  • Safety records
  • Excellent work practices.

Evergreen Junk Removal is your go-to demolition company anytime, any day. We will ensure you have a pleasant experience with our brand when you approach us for the demolition of your residential and commercial structures.