15 DIY Backyard Ideas You’ll Love To Make Your Home Unique

These DIY backyard ideas will definitely enhance the look of your plain backyard as well as make it memorable. The following is an in-depth guide and ideas list of some projects you can do via DIY or order to improve the visual aesthetics of your beautiful home.

Below is a navigation table to help you go straight to whatever idea got your attention or you had in mind even before coming across this page. 

DIY Backyard Ideas

About the small backyard ideas:

These first few backyard ideas are intended for smaller size backyards. Are you in the middle of looking for a creative idea or inspiration for your backyard project?

These suggestions are perfect for a backyard that is not as big as others but can really add some spice and visually pleasing aesthetics to your home’s yard.

What To Expect From This Post

The blog is not a how-to post, but more of a guide with ideas and suggestions.

As a junk removal company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida we always work with clients who are constantly working on home improvement projects. These are some of the ideas we've seen when we went to remove some of their rubbish or backyard junk.  

Let's Dive In!

PART 1: Small DIY Backyard Ideas

In the first part of this guide of ideas for your backyard, we focus on the smaller size backyards. The suggestions and thoughts in this Part 1 section is really for the home that does not have a large space to work with.

1. Outdoor Dining Area: 

Backyard Idea 1 

The first idea is an outdoor dining set. Outdoor dining sets especially when you have a family is a great idea for your home backyard. It is not out of the ordinary and not necessarily the most enhancing thing you can think of.

However, adding a Dining set to your backyard especially if it is not as big as you would like still can make a major impact on your backyard game.

In addition to the dining set it, you could have an umbrella as part of it and around your space have smaller things to contribute to the overall mood of your backyard.

The joy of having a smaller space to work with is that you can really control and impact the mood of your backyard.

Setting the tone and atmosphere for your guests when they come over to visit. It can be one of the first places you take them when they visit your home to blow their minds away.

Dining Set - Backyard Ideas

What You Don't Need:

The backyard does not have to be huge with a basketball court, swimming pool, and giant playhouse. All of that sounds good, but unless you are a celebrity, or making over six figures a year, and just have the money to Invest in the backyard of your home to do something all out luxurious. You have to learn to be creative.

The Benefits Of A Outdoor Dining Set:

An outdoor dining set allows you to share a comfortable space with your loved ones. Imagine you can have a dining table and set in your backyard space, which will allow you to have great conversations and memorable dining memories with family as well as friends. It can be as comfy as you wanted to be and you can design it with stylish cushions/covers to match whatever color scheme that you have in mind.

All in all, controlling the mood of a smaller space with your dining tables and dining chairs outdoor can have a major impact even in a smaller space.

2. Outdoor Backyard Vase: 

Backyard Idea 2

Let's Talk About Vase:
This Idea is inspired by the Romans and The Greeks. Pottery is a great way to also go if you are looking for something really simple and minimal that you can add to your backyard space to make it appealing.

There are so many options online as well as locally where you can find great pottery. The creative things that you can do with the large vase and even smaller size vases are unlimited.

Another suggestion for the vases use Is to add plants to them. After all just adding a plane vase to your backyard is not going to do much for it. You can take the approach of using a larger vase that is 3 feet in height and strategically placed them in your backyard. This can be done however you want to arrange them to have a creative visual effect.

The style of the vase depends on the style of your home. If your home has a very modern contemporary Feel to it then you might want to stick with a modern style vase. On the other hand, if you have a home that was created in a Victorian style A traditional vase with a Roman-style vase would be more suitable for you. 

Garden Vase - Backyard Ideas

Garden Vase - DIY Backyard Ideas
3. Vase Style
The Benefits Of Adding A Vase To Your Backyard:

The cost can be unbelievably low and great for budgeting. Another benefit is it would not take much time to set this the way you want to set it. The part that would take up the most time really would be adding the soil to the vases with the plants that you had in mind. Again, the possibilities of what you could do with different type of plants are also endless.

Outdoor Backyard Waterfall Fountain: 

Go chasing waterfalls:
Love water? This is next ideas is perfect for you.

A waterfall  fountain does not have to be exclusive only to a larger backyard. You can have a water wall that you either build yourself or purchase to add a very Zen atmosphere as well as tone to your backyard. Water naturally calms us down and bring a tranquil aspect to our life.

There are many options for install-able waterfalls that you can purchase From as little as $100 and up. Working in your backyard is going to require a budget and I am Certain if you are looking for ideas that you have a budget in mind.

With these waterfall fountains, I am suggesting smaller ones and not in ground installed ones. The main reason; plumbing and space would be needed for it would really require having a complete in-ground waterfall installed.

Not to mention the stress you would have to deal with and figuring out how to make it work. An install-able smaller size water fountain can do the trick.

Benefits Of A Waterfall Fountain:

Water in some cultures And religions symbolize life. Think of adding a waterfall to your backyard as adding a constant flow of life to your backyard. Not only in a metaphorical sense, but it also would bring a peaceful level of Positive energy to the back of your home.

4. Outdoor Backyard Bench: 

We are not referring to the bench that athletes are sat down on When their coach is not pleased with their performance. We are talking about an outdoor bench. A bench may not be the most comfortable thing to sit on outside.

This is, in fact, the true especially if the bench doesn’t have cushions. Which, cushions are recommended for your back and your visitors back whenever they would come to your house.

The usefulness of the bench is pretty much just to have a place to sit and have discussions similar to a dining table, but this is even broken down into something simpler. The style of the bench should also match your home.

Wouldn’t it look awkward or just strange if you walked into someone’s house and their house was built in 2018, but they have a bench in their backyard or maybe two that look like they belong in a château in France? Visually this does not make any sense but to each his own.

There is not much to discuss regarding the bench but it is a very simple idea of what you could do to spice up your backyard if you don’t have a lot of space to work with. In return, a bench would serve a purpose like it was served on your front patio.

Benefits Of A Bench In Your Yard:

Having a place to rest and ponder after a long day of work. Now, You might say why would my place of rest be outside on a bench? The answer to this is for fresh air.

If you live in Alaska you might not want to have a bench outside of your home for fresh air, but I have to say depending on where you live and if you enjoy the outdoors is not a bad idea. The cost for a bench as well can be conveniently low.

5. Outdoor Backyard Daybed: The Day of The Bed 

Backyard Idea 5

Daybed serves as an innovative way to definitely enhance your backyard. It is an alternative to a hammock and saves you the trouble of worrying about falling off because of balance.

Having a daybed also is like having a sofa and your backyard. It is comfortable it looks pleasing but is an investment.

If you are still looking for something that is fancy in regards to a daybed you may be looking at a budget of at least $300. As I mentioned before they are comfy and they look good. That is if your backyard space is not too small to fit a daybed with no problem.

Here is an idea, you can a daybed close to your fence And surround it with flowers. How are you surround the daybed with flowers depends on your backyard to lay out.

You could do the coordination of the flowers along the fence around the daybed or simply on the ends of the daybed.

DIY Backyard Daybed

DIY Backyard Daybed

Image source:  allaboutevelyn

Benefits Of A Daybed In Your Backyard:

Daybeds are far more comfortable then benches. I guess this is why the name makes sense because most normal or fortunate human beings go to sleep at night on a bed. Some people are So attached to their beds because it is comfortable and the best resting place for you after a long day of work. Daybeds look good and they are comfortable.

6. Outdoor Shower Anyone:  Shower For The Bold

Are you a nudist? Or maybe you just are comfortable with being outdoors and a nude. If you have a backyard as well concealed and not exposed to the public this is an idea for you.

This is certainly an exciting thing you can do for your backyard. Having an Outdoor shower is somewhat unusual and not very common in the United States. In other parts of the world, It is more common for different cultures.

And an outdoor shower, of course, would require some plumbing if it was being created from scratch.

However, with so many creative minds online there are a lot of DIY projects you could try to create your own outdoor shower. If you live in an area where you are not plagued with long winters in cold weather, This is also a great idea for you.

Benefits Of A Daybed In Your Backyard:

Bring some excitement to your life and your backyard. Developing an outdoor shower and your small backyard would bring out the inner Adam or eve in you. You would get the feeling of being free and relaxed knowing that you are outside and with nature cleansing yourself.

7. Outdoor Backyard Lanterns:  Lights In The Sky

Backyard Idea 7

Lanterns are a great way to add soft lighting to your backyard at night. Although this may not do a lot for your backyard during the day, similar to something like a waterfall it can bring a calming aesthetic to your backyard.

You could take the creative approach to save money and create your own lanterns or you can purchase some affordable land turns for your project.

The only issue that you may run into really is brainstorming how you are going to hang the lanterns if you do not have a ceiling or vertical frames of some sort in your backyard.However, you do this you do want to make sure that it is safe and sustainable through a bit of rough weather.

Another thing you want to consider is if you are And in the area where the wind can get pretty violent, you will also want to consider how easy it will be for you to take the lanterns down if you need to. Planning ahead is essential when considering something as delicate and Lightweight as lanterns.

Backyard Lanterns

Image source: Smart Homes NG

Benefits Of Hanging Lanterns In Your Backyard:

You get to create a warm environment with soft lighting for your backyard. This can look phenomenal at night with an addition of a few different types of flowers and outdoor decorations for your home.

PART 2: Large DIY Backyard Ideas

8. Outdoor Backyard Fountain:

Backyard Idea 8

Fountains have been around for centuries and have been created for both the interior of the home and exterior. Adding a fountain to your backyard can cost you as little as $150. That is among the cheapest price you would find A fountain for.

The fountains purpose would purely be complementary. It is something you definitely have to work with to make your backyard phenomenal. Just found alone, would not be enough. You would definitely need additional pieces like stones/gravel rocks, various flowers, and a desert landscape layout.

The addition of the fountain would serve as the centerpiece of your backyard. The bigger the more the impression it would make. However, the bigger the fountain most likely the higher the cost is going to be for the fountain. 

Benefits A Fountain In Your Backyard:

Backyard Fountain

Although this type of project could require a lot more work than just buying a fountain. It can bring a refreshing feel as well as atmosphere to your home.

9. Pathway of Lights:

Backyard Idea 9

A walkway/pathway is perfect if you have a lot of ground to work with for your backyard project. This walkway could be the walkway you envision yourself walking whenever you have a lot on your mind or want to take a stroll don’t want to leave your home.

Adding lights to the pathway can make for a beautiful scenery right there in the back of your home. Floor lights can cost anywhere from $30-$100 each depending on where and what style of light you are buying for your backyard.

So imagine the cost can be pretty big for something like this if you have a big backyard and a long pathway, but if you are considering this most likely cost is not really the biggest issue for you. On the other hand, you could creatively do the pathway layout yourself or hire a landscape designer.

Either a walkway of lights will require some planning for a perfect execution. Hiring a professional to help you figure out the best way to layout the pathway is recommended.

If you are creative enough, go for the challenge and make it happen yourself. You will need to calculate the distance, curvature, and quantity of material you will need to complete the project yourself.

Walkway of Lights

Image source: Frugal Coupon Living

Benefits Of Having A Walkway/Pathway Of Lights:

Similar to the hanging lanterns in part one of this idea guide, the lights you install along the pathway will have the most powerful impact on your backyard visually at night. 

10. The Arch Of The Backyard:

Backyard Idea 10

Arches serve as a great visual piece, which can add a very vintage direction to a backyard. This suggestion is not necessarily for the contemporary home designs today.

Yet, adding an arch with flowers around it will give you and anyone else who sees it a creative adventure to navigate through in your backyard.

There are a few different types of arch you can add to your backyard. The first is a cement and brick arch. The other is a stainless steel arch. However, the more cost-effective choice will be the stainless steel arch.

Being cheaper is not the only benefit of creating a stainless steel arch. Another great benefit choosing that type of arch over the Brick/cement one is that it can be easily portable and movable in your backyard space.

So far most of these ideas you’ve seen are pretty movable and portable ideas. Continue reading and you will find some other ideas that are a bit more on the pricey side of cost and once created are pretty much set in stone.

Benefits Of Having An Arch In Your Backyard:

An arch adds a memorable aesthetic to your backyard. It could also be a place to create great photos, you have a family and children. As the seasons change you can capture great photographs of your children around the arch.

11. Backyard Fire Pits/Fire Bowl:

Backyard Idea 11

If you live in the northern parts of the United States, certainly you deal with cold fall weather, winter, and even some chill Spring seasons. A fire pit can be done in style with sitting areas.

The possibility here with this ideas is also endless. This could have been something also reserved for smaller backyards, but we thought of the hazardous effects of the smoke and fire in a smaller space.

There are also fewer risks in starting a fire with more space to work with. See the creative ideas we found below.

Fire Pit
DIY Backyard Fire Bowl

Image source: Bill Wilson

Benefits Of A Fire Pit/Fire Bowl:

A great way to have family and friends get together outside during colder seasons, but not being frozen to death spending time in your own backyard.

12. Backyard String Of Lights:

Backyard Idea 12

Similar to the land turns and the first part of this page this project is something you will have to consider based on the region or area that you reside in.

If you live in or near the gulf coast and south-east Part of the United States you have to consider thunderstorms as well as hurricanes. On the other hand, if you live in the Midwest You have to consider tornadoes and blizzards.

So the thought of knowing and planning on how you plan to take the lights down will be something you consider for this project. Because due to these weather variations that come into play you have to think about safety as well as the inconvenience of the lights.

However, the String of hanging lights would definitely enhance your backyard and make it the most beautiful woman in the neighborhood where ever you live.

String of Lights

String of Lights For Your Backyard

Benefits Of A The String of Lights:

Your backyard will be dreamy as long as these lights are in the backyard and you have a few other decorations like plants and medium size pots spread out throughout your backyard.

13. Backyard Pond For Good Luck & Inspiration:

Backyard Idea 13

If you are a lover of fish, a pond is great projects you can take on also improve your backyard and make it unique. This is more of a task for a professional landscape expert, but like everything else in today’s day and age, you can figure it out through the help of tutorials, forums and how to guides.

A thorough plan is essential in the development of your pond. According to DIY Network, you will need to choose a site where your pond will get enough sunlight. The soil that the pond is also going to be created on should also be stable. If you are planning to have fish in the pond, it will need to be deep enough for them to hibernate during winter.

Did you know they sell pond kits? A pond kit can help you make the process of making your own pond success and less of a difficult project.

Backyard Pond

Benefits Of A Backyard Pond:

The benefits of the pond

14. Elevated Flower garden (Raised Garden Beds): 

Backyard Idea 14

This concept of gardens elevated off of the ground has been embraced by many homeowners and communities who believe in gardening. This alternative allows for better gardening by having barriers to prevent pets from overtaking your beautiful garden.

Raised garden beds also keep your valuable soil from washing away because of heavy rain. It also keeps your soil from eroding and the soil gets warmer as well as better drains when it is above the ground level. (Source 2)

DIY Backyard Ideas - Raised Garden Beds

DIY Backyard Ideas - Raised Garden Beds

Better gardening and healthier organic plants from the fresh soil, you’ve purchased and begin to use. Also, due to the elevation, it is physically less strenuous on your back.

Benefits Of An Elevated Flower Garden/Raised Garden Bed:

15. Backyard Outdoor Kitchen: 

A kitchen outside is great for entertaining your guests or family who come over for dinner, cookouts, and a get together at your home.

The kitchen could have some furnishing, exterior audio system, and even grill. One of the other nice parts and benefits of having the kitchen outdoors is that it will leave the smell outside.

If you are going to take the do it yourself approach to do this, you will need the following to make an amazing outdoor kitchen.

  • A Grill
  • Bar
  • Pizza Open
  • Lighting
  • Entertainment system
  • Fire Pit
  • Plants
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Refrigerator
  • Prep area

(This list is not limited to these things, you can add even more as ideas start to roll in)

Benefits Of An Outdoor Kitchen:

The last idea is an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen and help save on your utility bill because your air conditioner won’t have to work extra hard to keep your home cool. It’s also a great way to expand your living space and in a somewhat more natural fashion.

These are the ideas we’ve compiled together that we know would certainly enhance your backyard space’s look as well as atmosphere. There are many more ideas that you could try that may seem common, like adding a pool, if you have trees that are close to one another may be a hammock, kids play area. Possibilities are somewhat endless.

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Evergreen Junk Removal Service - DIY Backyard Ideas To Make Your Home Even More Beautiful. Evergreen Junk Removal Service - DIY Backyard Ideas To Make Your Home Even More Beautiful. Evergreen Junk Removal Service - DIY Backyard Ideas To Make Your Home Even More Beautiful. Evergreen Junk Removal Service - DIY Backyard Ideas To Make Your Home Even More Beautiful. Evergreen Junk Removal Service - DIY Backyard Ideas To Make Your Home Even More Beautiful. Evergreen Junk Removal Service - DIY Backyard Ideas To Make Your Home Even More Beautiful.