Eviction Cleanout Reasons To Hire An Eviction Cleanout Service

Eviction Cleanout 

Before a tenant gets evicted, the eviction cleanout should be put into consideration. The reason is, humans are humans, and humans are sometimes inconsiderate, even when they should be.

When a tenant gets evicted, it is clear that it was not in good terms, meaning you should expect to meet a huge pile of angry mess in your house. If you are going to rent the property out to another person, you have to make sure they do not meet that mess. You need an eviction cleanout team

An eviction cleanout team are people who specialize in proper and professional cleanout after an eviction. Their job is to sort out the junk properly, clean up the place and make sure there is no debris left behind, and that there is no damage done to the junk cleared out. 

Who needs an eviction cleanout service?

Because of the nature of the job involved with eviction cleanout, different people might need their services as they are capable of doing a lot of heavy lifting and proper cleanup.

So they may not be needed for just a post-eviction cleanup, they can also be used as a cleanout service for houses that are just renovated. Let us look at the two main people who need eviction services.

Eviction Cleanout


Landlords who have tenants that need to be sent out, are who usually need an eviction cleanout. This is because the disgruntled tenant might decide to pull a huge-mess-revenge on the property owner by leaving all their junk in the house.

Property managers:

More often than not, a property manager will have to clear out an estate after an eviction or a renovation, and this cannot be done by the estate manager for obvious reasons, this is a job for the eviction cleanout team.

People who have lost someone:

When there is a loss, there is usually a large pile of properties to be taken out, especially if the person lived alone.

People who are downsizing:

If you are clearing out your house and changing a few things, large junk might need to go out, and eviction cleanout service can take care of this.

Anyone who has or is in charge of the property would need an eviction cleanout team, before foreclosure or after an eviction.

Why do people get evicted?

You may think that there is no valid reason to evict people from your property or think that it is inhumane to do so. Well, first, it is ‘your’ property, and even though someone is paying rent to you, you reserve sole rights to who stays and who remains in your property.

Here are a few reasons (some, legal) why you can evict a tenant from your property.

They do not pay rent:

As a property owner, you have to brace yourself for the fact that tenants will owe you. In some cases, they have lost their jobs or their source of income. In other cases, they use the money for something else and they are expecting you to be understanding. But, while they are expecting you to be understanding, they forget that this is your source of income. If they do not pay, you do not earn, and you need to earn.

After you have given them the required time needed for them to pay, and they do not pay, you are well within your rights to take your apartment back from them.

Just in case you were wondering, the law allows this. And, if your conscience is posing a problem, remember that if they do not pay, you are at the losing end, you have to pay for utility bills and other bills that come with having a house, as well as feed and take care of yourself. If they don't pay, then they do not have a reason to stay. Make sure of that.

When they violate their lease:

You as a property owner had a lease written with preferences and personal biases, and that is your right. Anyone moving into your property is made aware of these instructions, and when they sign the lease agreement, they are saying in clear terms that they agree. However, if a few months or years down the line, they decide to break one of two of the instructions on the lease, especially when they have been warned about this before, you can ask them to leave.

Your lease agreements are made at your discretion and anyone who does not agree with the lease reserves a right to not sign it. But, if they read through the lease and then signed it, they have no right to violate any of the terms of that lease.

What they have a right to do is discuss the terms of the lease with you and see if any can be relaxed, and put in writing. If there were no exceptions made for them, they either obey the terms or leave.

When they do something illegal:

You are under no obligation to accommodate a criminal. If your tenant is into illegal activities or drug-related activities, you reserve the right to send them out of your property. Just make sure you call the authorities on them as well. 

When a tenant is involved in illegal activities, they are putting your life at risk as well. Sending them out is doing you a favor, reporting them is doing the society a favor.

Drug-related crimes are serious, and you could get indicted for something you do not know about. If you know your tenant is involved in drug-related crimes and you still accommodate and not report them, you might get in trouble, and it does not matter that you were not involved.

If your client does things that seem shady to you and after a few investigations, you see that they are into something illegal, please you are well within your rights to terminate their stay on your property.

Property damage:

Before a tenant installs something in your property, they should ask you first, to know if the apartment was built for that kind of installation. Sadly, some tenants do not, as they believe that after paying rent, they can do anything with, and to the apartment.

First, they cannot, second, you reserve the right to ask them out of your property if, in the process of installation or whatnot, they damage your property. Anything that causes damage to your property should not be allowed. Anyone that does anything that causes damage to your property should not be allowed to stay in your apartment.

When it is time to go:

This is usually one of the funniest things tenants do that landlords cannot wrap their heads around. A tenant signs a lease, agrees to leave at said date, that date comes and passes and the tenant just stays.

They have the option of renewing their lease, but they don’t, they do not move out either. Good thing is, it is not your job to figure out what is in their head, it is, however, your job to make sure that they keep to their side of the agreement by leaving your property as at when due. If you have a squatter on your hands, it might be time to evict them and retake ownership of your property, so you can rent it to someone else.

Evicting people is not as bad as it sounds. You own the property, and as long as you are not being unfair and inconsiderate in the eyes of the law, you can evict tenants from your property.

Eviction Cleanout Service

Eviction Cleanout Service

Reasons to hire an eviction service

When you have gotten the eviction process done and over with and the tenant has left, it might be time to talk about the eviction cleanout. The truth is, evicted clients will leave you with a lot of junk to clean up, they rarely leave with all their stuff.

Here are a few reasons why you need an eviction cleanout service

  • Heavy lifting: There is not a lot of heavy things you can lift, especially if your tenant left a lot of heavy junk, you need professionals to help you out with them.
  • Proper disposal: Your trash can will not be big enough to contain all the debris from the apartment, that should be left in the hands of the professional eviction cleanout service.
  • A touch of professionalism: You may never be able to do a cleanup to the best it can be by yourself, that is why you need professionals who can do a proper cleanup.
  • It saves time: If you attempt a DIY with an eviction cleanout, you will spend the time you should have spent on other things doing it. An eviction cleanout service usually consists of more than one person. They will do a better job and still save time.

An eviction cleanout team takes away the stress of an eviction cleanout and makes sure your property is in good condition for further use.

Think of the eviction cleanout team as movers, only they do the moving after the actual movers have moved.

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