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Looking for the best junk removal around your area? Need a same day garbage removal in Apollo Beach? Don't let junk in your front lawn or backyard sit any longer. We've got you covered! Call us for your FREE quote: 813-957-9513 

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Junk Removal Apollo Beach

Junk Removal Apollo Beach

Junk Removal Customer Service.

Since 2010, Evergreen Junk Removal has been one of the premier junk removing companies servicing Apollo Beach and surrounding areas. Do you have a pile of unwanted junk that keeps plaguing you? In need of having junk or debris removed from your home, office or even a commercial space? Look no further than Evergreen! We offer fast, friendly and professional services Check-out our customer reviews below.  


Pollution is one of the greatest problems throughout our country. According to dosomething.org, people who live in places with higher levels of air pollutants have a 20% higher risk of death from lung cancer than people who live in less-polluted areas. 

Evergreen continues to join in the fight against pollution. We do this by disposing of your unwanted items and debris in safe and effective ways. In return, the limits pollution and create a healthier environment for us all. 

Swiftness and efficiency:

 Prompt service is our signature! We take the upmost pride in providing fast, yet effective service throughout Coral Gables and surrounding areas. Are you in need of having items removed immediately? Contact us and ask about our same-day services today!

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Apollo Beach Bulk Pickup

We are a full service Florida junk removal company. Some of the other areas we provide services although Florida.

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Apollo Beach Junk Removal Company: 

In today’s world, many companies are driven by the need to make profits. What about a company that is driven by passion for the community and nature? Evergreen Junk Removal is that company! We believe in rendering  services to the community and the environment. Located in Apollo Beach, our company helps to haul and remove junk and debris throughout the city. At Evergreen Junk Removal, we understand that trash can be an eyesore and can even deplete you of your energy. Bearing this in mind, we help you to get rid of your junk faster than you can ever imagine.

Junk Removal in Apollo Beach FL | Tampa FL

Junk Removal Apollo Beach
Apollo Beach Junk Pickup
Apollo Beach Junk Removal Companies Service

Why Evergreen Junk Removal?

Customers are usually the determiners of a brand’s success. At Evergreen, we completely understand this. Hence, our main aim is not just to dispose of junk, but equally make sure that our clients are fully satisfied.

With our company, you are assured your money’s worth. Achieving customer satisfaction is our main aim and we love to see you happy.

Why Customer Service is Important to Us

At Evergreen Junk Removal, we make great efforts to keep our clients happy. This is because we understand that our clients drive our company. Hence, we focus on creating a thrilling and never-been-seen-before experience for all our customers.

Junk Removal Prices and Competitive Rates 

When you choose Evergreen, our goal is to provide some of the most affordable prices within our industry. We want each customer to receive the best value for the cost. Call us and describe what exactly you need removed or easily send us an online request for your free estimate. 

Junk Removal Apollo Beach Florida

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