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Junk removal services in Fern Park | Garage cleanout, junk pickup, junk hauling, deck removal, furniture removal, mattress removal, rubbish removal, debris removal, commercial junk removal, household junk, yard waste removal, Altamonte springs. Call us for junk and debris removal services in Fern Park Florida! Our locally owned business will give you complete assistance in blink of an eye.


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Here is the problem with waste management in Florida. Recycling does not just happen; it takes a series of steps including packing, sorting, repacking, and sending the trashes – often for long distances – to a recycling station that can actually handle the waste materials. The simple act of hauling the trashes to city-approved facility can be quite costly to some people, at least more expensive than just dumping everything to landfill. At the same time sending any kind of recyclable to the wrong facility (one that does not have the equipment to treat the materials) is also a mistake; the facility will have to resend the package to other stations, and this adds to the already expensive cost of hauling in the first place. Junk removal needs professionals and we are here to do for you. In other words, the time and money spent to take waste materials to a recycling center is too much to handle for the average homeowners. That being said, it is a simple problem with a simple solution. Evergreen Junk Removal provides waste collection services for homeowners and businesses all across Florida. Ask us for free estimates and get rid of unwanted junk right now. We take just about every type of waste material for examples:

  • Household waste
  • Home appliances
  • Plastic and metal items
  • Furniture removal
  • Yard debris and trees
  • General garbage removal
  • Foreclosure or business cleanouts
  • Construction debris
  • Storm debris
  • unwanted items removal

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All waste materials need to go somewhere. Good waste management practices require separation-at-source because some trashes are not recyclable and must be hauled to their own disposal locations, called landfills. Organic waste can be converted into fertilizers by homeowners at nearly zero cost, and recyclables can be reprocessed to make new raw materials for manufacturing industries.

Who We Are

Evergreen Junk Removal is filled with professionals motivated to play active role in making Florida a better place for all. Our main goal is to help all residents handle their trashes properly and send the materials to the designated facilities including recycling stations and landfills.

Waste materials must be separated based on whether or not they are recyclables. Evergreen is willing to assist clients to sort the trashes and categorize them accordingly before everything is hauled away.

Junk Removal Fern Park FL

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Why Evergreen Junk Removal Services?

Landfills must be considered the last possible options to dispose of trashes. When you are overwhelmed by the mounting pile of garbage in your yard, it is indeed easy to simply dump them to landfills, but this will not solve the city’s waste problem. Evergreen is here to help you dispose of the trashes properly.

Customer Service

We are proud to take an extra mile in our job. Hauling trashes is only part of the professions, because our professionals are eager to develop awareness of good waste management and spread the words about the importance of recycling as well as the danger of illegal dumping. Do not hesitate to contact us for consultation regarding waste problem you may have, making an appointment, or an urgent haulage work. Ask us for free estimates and get rid of unwanted junk right now.

Competitive Rate

As part of our intention to contribute to Florida’s cleanliness, any service from Evergreen is available at competitive price. We set no minimum or maximum amount of waste materials we can handle either. Don’t be discouraged by our affordable rate; it does not matter how small or big the job is, because we always welcome every task from every client with high standard of professionalism and big enthusiasm.

Junk Removal Fern Park Florida

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