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Looking for the best junk removal Green Cove Springs FL has to offer? Need a sameday junk removal in Green Cove Springs ? Don't let the junk in your front lawn or backyard sit there any longer. We will take care of it for you! Call us for your FREE quote: 904-441-5223

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Junk removal Green Cove Springs | Garage cleanout, junk pickup, junk hauling, deck removal, furniture removal, mattress removal, rubbish removal. Call us!


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Junk Removal Green Cove Springs 


Junk Removal Green Cove Springs 

Junk Removal Customer Service.

We believe that there should be a business that cares about the community it's in and actively serves it.

That belief is why we here at Evergreen Junk Removal serve the city of Florida and its surrounding areas, as well as provide them with the type of impeccable service vital to a job well done. We offer services ranging from construction debris removal to hot tub removal. It doesn’t matter what kind of job it is. We’ll be here, willing and prepared to complete it for you.

We're pleased with our title as a junk removal business. It gives us great pleasure to know that we are able to complete services like this for you in ways other businesses can’t. If you choose us after all your research for a junk removal business, then you’ve just made a great decision.

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Green Cove Springs, Florida

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  • Latitude: 26.6276° N
  • Longitude: 80.1354° W

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We are a full service Florida junk removal company. Some of the other areas we provide services although Florida.

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Besides simply providing outstanding service, we also offer services ranging from construction debris removal to hot tub removal. It doesn’t really matter what kind of job you’re looking to have completed as we’ll most likely be able to complete it. We provide a variety of services to residents and business owners from Palm Beach County to Florida-Dade County. We’re more than able to serve plenty of people.

Considering the amount of people we serve and the amount of time it takes to reach them, we make certain to schedule around both you, the consumer, and our employees. We try to make it possible for our employees to do more of a particular job in a single day rather than at various times on multiple days. This is so that more of our customers can be catered to quickly. You want your junk removed and we do too, so we take that kind of approach to get that done.

Junk Removal Green Cove Springs FL

Green Cove Springs Junk Removal

Green Cove Springs Junk Pickup

Green Cove Springs Bulk Pickup Service

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Green Cove Springs Junk Pickup Services

Why Evergreen Junk Removal Services?

We're a competitive business. Our prices are competitive to other specialty businesses in the Florida region, but are still worth it. Despite the amounts we charge, the value you receive for the services can't be beat. As mentioned, our scheduled date and time are determined by both our employees' and your availability so as to keep things efficient. The consideration we put into doing jobs for our clients can’t be found anywhere else. The affection and adoration for what we do can’t be found either. In regards to the dedication we have, it can't be beat. So, when it comes to our prices, the value surpasses what’s leaving your bank account. You won't find another business like us anywhere else.

Our Customer Service

We know that keeping you satisfied, not just by doing a service well, but also through being attentive to any worries or troubles you may have is what's going to keep you as a customer. It’s also the key to making our business better than it is now. Customer service at Evergreen is reliable as we do take your comments, issues, concerns, and feedback and use them to improve our services. We want you and future clients to be happy with what we do. We’re always improving and our way of doing that is by listening to you. That’s precisely what we do.

Junk Removal Green Cove Springs Florida


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