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Throughout the annals of history, the aim of every civilized society has been to leave the environment better than they found it. With the advent of such environmental issues as climate warming, waste generation and others, the protection of our environment is more important than ever before.

If we wish to leave a better planet for posterity, we must match our noble sentiments with action. Waste recycling is one way by which we can achieve this goal. Charity, as is often said, begins at home, hence we will be taking a look at how waste recycling can be done in Lake Shores.

Junk Removal Lake Clarke Shores FL

Lake Clarke Shores Trash Pick Up Service

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Why Lakes Shores is worth keeping clean

A clean environment is such a lodestone for positive activities and growth. Imagine if Lake Shores was filthy. How will businesses survive? A filthy environment sends a clarion call to negative vibes and can lead to environmental disaster. A clean environment provides an enabling atmosphere for growth and expansion. In a clean environment, there are increased chances for the growth of businesses, and not just pharmacies and hospitals.

Another reason why it is essential to keep Lake Clarke Shores clean is that a clean city draws more tourists and improves the standard of living of the residents.

If the thought of tourists and better health somehow does not appeal to you, then maybe considering the financial benefits that a clean city can bring will help you see the light. A clean city attracts companies and multinationals. Their presence in your city provides job opportunities and many other benefits.

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Why is recycling important to the environment

As mentioned in the introduction, if we aim to leave our environment a better place than we met it, we need to get rid of our wastes.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, most of the resources(over 90%) used by Americans are non-renewable. These resources are being depleted at an increasingly alarming rate, and one way to mitigate this depletion is via recycling. Here are the benefits that are derived from recycling ;

•    It conserves already depleted resources by reusing these instead of violating the environment for new ones

•    Recycling helps reduce carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases. Why is this important? It is important because these are the leading cause of ozone depletion which invariably leads to global warming and climate change.

•     It improves the economy. A community that recycles is a community that grows economically. This is because the more efficient a community is, the more resources it has at its disposal.

•    Waste recycling protects wildlife and other non-human inhabitants of the environment. Many of the wastes generated are harmful to wildlife and after time can become toxic to plants too. As Lake Clarke Shores is 7.62% water, waste recycling protects marine life and environment.

•    Waste recycling saves energy. According to the US Department of Health and Human services "Making products from recyclables results in energy savings. Recycled steel saves 60% production energy, recycled newspaper 40%, recycled plastics 70%, and recycled glass 40%".

The immense benefits of waste recycling to the environment are very clear. Waste recycling makes the planet a better place now and in the future.

Junk Removal Lake Clarke Shores FL
Lake Clarke Shores Garbage Pickup Service
Lake Clarke Shores Garbage Pickup Services

Who needs junk removal?

Before the process of recycling begins, junk needs to be removed and then processed. Who needs junk removal? Well, everyone! Think of it, junk is one of those things everyone has in common. However, the rate of junk generation varies. The following are some of the entities that especially require junk removal services due to the rate of generation.

Real Estate

In Lake Clarke Shores, after a home has been sold off or is about to be sold, real estate managers require junk removal services. Lake Shores continues to expand and more people join the community, there is an increase in the need for junk removal services.

Construction companies

The amount of junk generated by construction companies can be staggering. Hence, these companies require specialized junk removal services.

Marine companies

Because Lake Clarke Shores has quite a large percentage of it made up of water, fishing businesses and other related marine businesses generate waste of junk. These businesses also require specialized junk removal services.

Beautiful places in and around Lake Clarke Shores

Lake Clarke Shores is home to some sites of breathtaking natural and human-made beauty. Get ready to enjoy this beautiful city and its attractions. Here are some of the great places to absolutely visit in Lake Clarke Shores:

Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society

This 23-acre zoo and conservation area is one of the most attractive places around Lake Clarke Shores. It is home to many species of endangered animals. The Interactive Play Fountain, Wildlife Carousel, and Safari Train are some of the other attractions in this conservatory.

Beaches and restaurants

Lake Clarke Shores is home to beaches and other forms of water recreation due to its location and topography. Due to its rich cultural diversity, this town retains vestiges of different cultures, and this is especially evident in its restaurants. From the Mexican restaurant to Cuban restaurants to the Italian restaurants, get ready to pamper your palate.

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History of Lake Clarke Shores

Lake Clarke Shores is located at the Palm Beach County, Florida. Lake Clarke Shores has quite a rich history.

In the early 1900's, John Clarke the son of Palm Beach pioneer Charles Clarke, invested in 5 acres of land. On this land, he decided to plant a pineapple groove and also engaged in the construction of a packing building to ready them fruits for shipment. This ingenuity led to the growth of the area and this city in the past used to be a major pineapple farming community.

Due to this, it became the sole link to fresh pineapples in the north of Florida. After the construction of the railroad in 1912, this agricultural hub was incorporated to become the town that exists today. This incorporation occurred in 1957. It is also noteworthy that the name "Lake Clarke" comes from C.J Clarke.