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With an estimated population of about 10,000 people, Lantana is a city that holds grace and wonder in its heart.

On this page you will find the reasons why this amazing town is worth keeping clean, the essential benefits recycling holds for this town, places where the cleaning campaign can be intensified in this town, some of the breathtaking sites in the city, and finally a brief history of this town located in Palm beach county, Florida.

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Benefits of Recycling in Lantana

Cost: Much of the resources devoted to waste disposal in the town of Lantana can be cut drastically by recycling. Waste recycled can be used for different purpose (i.e. the decoration of parks, or into materials that can be resold. Funds for such sales can be used in the development of repairs and small projects in the town. Materials that can be recycled include newspapers, discarded phonebooks, tissue boxes, plastic cups, beverages containers, soda cans, and more.

Thriving Ecosystem: Lantana is home to a diverse ecosystem. The preservation of this ecosystem can be greatly affected by recycling. Plastic that is not recycled is most likely to end up in the Atlantic Ocean which is a major threat to aquatic life. To prevent this and promote a thriving ecosystem, plastic waste which are disposed of should be recycled.

Job Creation: The task of recycling in Lantana is not only environmentally rewarding but also economically friendly. Individuals can be employed in the town to handle the task of recycling. This will definitely reduce the amount of unemployed in the town of Lantana, thus making another reason why recycling should be embraced.

Tourism: Fully equipped with a vibrant ecosystem and a clean environment tourist will definitely love to check out the look, recycling waste will give the town of Lantana. With the high influx of tourist revenues businesses are booming and thus making recycling a task that should be embraced by all the residents of the city.

The benefit recycling holds for Lantana cannot be overemphasized, let’s now consider some areas in Lantana where cleaning should be the main focus.

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Reasons for proper cleaning procedures in Lantana have been discussed extensively here, but we will be discussing a couple of areas where cleaning should be the primary focus in Lantana. As with any place, the place to be clean and kept in perfect condition should be where it is most proud of. Though there are a lot of places that speak for the beauty of Lantana, one that stands out the most is the beach.

Many in Lantana flock to the beach for lots of activities that include swimming, surfing, or just sitting back to watch nature at work. To ensure the safety of all who flock to the beach, as well as the creatures in the ocean, it is necessary for a beach cleanup to be organized regularly to avoid accumulation of debris and wastes.

Through local partnerships, Lantana can encourage its residents to take pride in their city while also helping them to preserve this area so that future generations may also enjoy its beauty.

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