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If you need any junk removed or need your trash hauled away - we’re the ones to call for rubbish removal and trash pickup in Miramar. With Evergreen Junk Removal Service, As our customer, we will equip you with a licensed, insured, and ready-to-help service for all your South Florida junk pick-up needs!


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Miramar FL Service Radius: 50 Miles

Latitude: 25.9861° N
Longitude: 80.3036° W

Why should we clean each city? Our goal is to keep Miramar clean.

Miramar is famous for its attractions. For their beauty, the people attracted to this city. However, some kind of junk like building material needs to be taken off to make a home there.

Therefore in such cases, Evergreen is the only solution in such a situation. In addition, Evergreen can render its services to deal with furniture and old spa and construction materials removed from your home or office and give you a clean place.

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Evergreen Junk Removal and hauling Services

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So, if you are tired of seeing junk on your property, or are planning to do some work to your property, let Evergreen Junk Removal help you! Any stage of the process we can be of aid. No matter the size of the job, we will handle it with the utmost efficiency.

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Miramar Local Junk Removal

What kind of junk material can be picked up? Junk material of any kind or any size we can deal with it.

  • Furniture Removal, Appliances & General Junk Removal
  • Construction & Renovation Rubbish Removal
  • Hot Tub Removal & Spa Removal
  • Business, Estate, & Foreclosure Clean Outs
  • Trash Removal, Garbage Removal, & Debris Removal.
  • Need A Different Service? Just Call!

From business commercial spaces, industrial sites and construction debris we can take care of whatever junk removal do you have around you that should be taken away.

We Pick Up Any Size Junk in Miramar

No matter the size of the stuff you want to take off, call us or fill a form where all the necessary information is received from you, and then at the time you feel comfortable, we will visit and provide you with a good environment there.

If you are looking for a party and facing some cleanliness issue at the beach area or another place because of junk placed there, we can clean it for you. We will feel more than happy if we can help you.


We focus more on work as compared to making money. Compared to other companies working in Miramar, we offer our services for a small amount. Evergreen can bring these services to you using the internet on our website or directly call us. You need to fill in a form and provide details and choose the time, and then we can visit you to make your place clean and tidy.

Junk Removal Services in Miramar FL

Providing Junk Hauling, Trash Pickup, and Junk Removal in Miramar

In a case when there are many companies are offering their services for making the environment clean. However, evergreen has its services as efficient, and it also tells its client how to deal with the particular type of junk and kinds of junk.

That is evergreen, along with doing its task build a customer relationship with it. Moreover, customer reviews on its page show how many customers have passed their positive reviews about Evergreen in Miramar. The customer has demonstrated their love for evergreen. Miramar, Florida, should choose evergreen whenever it comes to choice in between these things. Florida also has one of the best to see.

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Whenever you want to get rid of junk materials in your home or area, you need to call us or fill an online form and provide the necessary information.

You should choose a company that offers you the guarantee for sewerage systems and repair during a specific time. Evergreen junk removal company is dedicated to recycling and removing trash and provides you with excellent customer services.

Miramar Same Day Junk Removal and Hauling Services

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