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If yes, Evergreen Junk Removal offers same day junk removal services with experienced, licensed, and fully insured junk haulers in the Stuart area.

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If you have junk lying around your home, it could be driving you crazy. Not only does junk make your home look cluttered, but it also takes up unnecessary space, and can even cause your home to smell or, in severe cases, become a health hazard.

Our advice? If you have things lying around that you don’t need, toss them! But don’t stress out about doing all of the work on your own, there are junk removal companies available to help!

Stuart Junk Removal

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What benefits are associated with hiring a Junk Removal Company?

  • Trustworthy and reliable service
  • Need your junk removed tomorrow? No problem! When you hire a junk removal company, they will be there to pick up your junk when and where you need them.
  • Saves time and money
  • Time is money! And when you are spending your time sorting and removing your own junk, you are wasting time! Let the professionals do it for you, and put your time to better use!
  • Reduce the impact on the environment
  • Not all of us are great at recycling, and not all of us want to spend hours sorting through trash vs. recycling products. The good news? You don’t have to – a good Junk removal company will do the sorting for you so that you can do your part in saving the environment, without putting in any hard labor of your own.
  • Reduce the risk
  • Removing your own trash comes along with a variety of safety risks. Not only can you be exposed to toxic materials, but you can also strain your muscles, or end up with cuts and abrasions. Professional junk removers know how to do it properly – so leave the safety concerns to them.

Is there anything that I should ask a Junk Removal Company before I hire them?

  • What is the fee? Some junk removal companies charge a set fee, but most offer different packages. Be sure to ask around to find the best package that suits your needs. In addition, always be sure that there are no hidden fees. All estimates should be free, and should include labor, tax, and dumping fees. 
  • Do you have insurance? Don’t leave yourself open to a lawsuit – always make sure that whoever you hire to do junk removal is properly insured.
  • Do you recycle? As said before, we should all do our part in saving the environment. If you can find a company that offers free sorting and recycling, opt for them. If you can find a company that also does donations to local organizations too, then that’s even better!
  •  What type of garbage do you remove? Not all companies remove all things. There are some things that companies may refuse to remove like toxic materials or large objects. Always be sure that who you hire is willing to remove what you need before setting an appointment time.
Whether you need old furniture removal or debris removal, we can take care of that and more. Junk hauling services for residential and commercial property owners.

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Why do you need to hire a Junk Removal Service?

We all deserve to live a junk free life. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to do it on our own. Removing junk requires time, energy, and yes, knowledge – the last thing you want to do is pick up a fridge the wrong way and cause injury to your back! But injury isn’t the only reason you should hire a junk removal service. Here are some other great reasons:

  • You can hire a junk removal service to help you remove a variety of large objects such as appliances, furniture, hot tubs, mattresses, electronics, etc.
  • A junk removal service can help to remove and clean up construction waste
  • Junk removal services are both reliable and convenient, saving you time and hassle
  • A junk removal service can ensure that your junk gets removed safely and timely
  • A junk removal service can help you sort through your waste to ensure that every last thing gets properly disposed of.

And most importantly, a junk removal service can help you get your house back to a state of normal!

Junk Removal Stuart Company
Junk Removal Stuart

Stuart, Florida

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