Junk Removal Business – 9 Ways To Grow Your Junk Hauling Business

Junk Removal Business Growth

Junk Removal Business Growth

This particular kind of business isn’t hard to get into if you’re willing to do it. Think about it. If all you need to start this business is a truck and a few customers, then that’s all it’s going to take for someone else to do the exact same thing. If your goal is to be different, unique, and exceptional, you’re going to have to do things differently in order to stand out and call yourself a true junk removal business, and that won’t be so easy.

Despite starting a junk removal business being relatively easy, it takes a lot of hard work to make it a successful one that overshadows all of your competition. You have to have some sort of edge, something that sticks out and separates you from the rest.

It doesn’t particularly matter what it is. It could be that your company hires veterans to give them stability and an income or that all the junk you collect is recycled. No matter what your company’s edge is, you should have one that customers and clients can immediately identify you from.

The Challenge:

Now, for the challenging part, before you even think about growing your business, you need to understand that this is a process. It will take time. It will take a lot of time before you can be financially stable and know that your business is doing well. You may one day make $100,000, but it won't be your profit once you subtract all of the necessary costs.

So know that if your goal is to make $100,000 in profit, it will take a lot of time, hard work, and dedication to make it so that your revenue allows for that kind of income. Just be prepared to put in the time for this kind of responsibility.

If you're hoping to make a quick buck, stop reading and either find a better job, find other ways to make money, or look into buying a business instead of starting one. You'll have to put in the time and constantly work. If this sounds like you, continue reading.

To grow your business, you have to follow certain steps. Of course, you're not required to listen to the steps, but they’re going to grow your business, increase your profit, and improve your reputation. If you provide a job well done, and have the resources to back it up, then that will increase your credibility as a junk removal company and lead to more customers. So here they are.

Steps to Growing Your Business

Step 1: Create Your Own Sales Funnel

Having a sales funnel at hand is what's going to bring you customers. It's going to help you attract customers, keep them interested in your services, and then make them pay you for the services. You don't want to miss a sale because somewhere along the way your customer lost interest.

Don't let that happen to you. A sales funnel is the process that potential customers and clients go through when they find out about a business. First, they look into it to find out what it offers, what it does, and what it stands for (your brand). Then, if they like what they see or hear, they’ll narrow down their choices and determine if your services are best for them.

At this point, you really have to sell them on your abilities and make yourself seem irreplaceable. You need to appear special. After that, you’ll be set to go. Personalize your sales funnel so that it fits you perfectly and provides you sales most, if not all, of the time.

Step 2: Find a Customer Management System

Don't go through the trouble of recording transactions yourself. It takes too long and it's difficult to do when you have a lot of customers to go through. Give yourself a break and use the customer management system.

Find some way to make all the recording automatic, so that you don't have to go through it yourself. This is also so that you can ensure accurate numbers and can have proof that such and such amount was paid, such a transaction took place, and more. There are websites like SalesForce, Quickbooks, and InfusionSoft.

Step 3: Become an Opportunist

If you spot an opportunity, take it. As a business owner, you need to be able to identify opportunities for growth. You need to seize the moment once it arrives. Take the research you’ve done on the people and the area you’re located in and use that to make guided investments.

Try investing in an industry similar to yours, or at least related to it, so that you have multiple sources of income. Take advantages of services other companies offer, whether they be local companies or household name ones, and use them for your own. Don’t let these opportunities slip you by because you’re not interested, aren’t ready, or don’t have the funds. You’ll receive funds and reap the benefits.

Junk Removal Business

Step 4: Become Partners

Talk to a local business and become partners with the owner. Suggest that with each sale either of you make, you’ll both make a referral to the other business.

If you're selling a junk-related service, tell your customers that if they need spare tires, service for their vehicles, or a place to dispose their vehicle, that such-and-such business offers those services.

Provide the other business with an incentive to work with you and give your customers a good reason to visit the other company. These partnerships will pay off as you both will receive more customers as a result.

Step 5: Build a Brand

Build yourself a brand. Hire a graphic designer, or if you have the skills yourself, create your own logo and business cards.

Craft an image for your customers that will instantly bring you to their minds. Come up with a catchy name that will be easy for them to remember. If you have to change your current business’s name, then go ahead.

You have to be memorable and easy for your customers to remember when they need you. Give your business certain values for your customers to know you by.

Are there certain values each employee has and exhibits that are crucial to your company running the way it should? Convey that to your target audience.

Step 6: Get on Social Media

Establish a presence online. It’s the first method of finding any business online in today's modern age. If someone needs a junk removal business, he or she will look one up. When that person finds you, he or she will check your website, your Facebook, your Twitter, and any other kind of social media.

That person will try to learn as much as possible about you before the final decision is made. You need to give your customers that kind of option, so that they don't think your business is new, unknown, or disreputable and skip over you. Make sure you optimize social media to your benefit, so that it’s actually increasing your publicity.

Step 7: Hire a Marketing Team

One of your best bets for growing your business and expanding its reach is by hiring a marketing team. If not a team then an agency. The professionals you will be hiring will know exactly what to do to increase your publicity and gain more customers.

They will have a focused, directed plan designed especially for you that will increase your sales from the very start. You may feel like the cost isn’t necessary because you could print out flyers or set up great deals, but without the focused help that will make you a more known business, those flyers and deals won't do a single thing.

Step 8: Offer New Services or Products

Don't limit yourself to the common, basic services. If your goal is to be a successful and unique company, that you need to offer services and products that other companies aren't.

As a junk removal business, don't limit yourself to large waste and junk. Offer to pick up electronics, large instruments like pianos and cellos, hot tubs, etc., and provide other services that may not be directly related to junk, but are a beneficial additional service. Give yourself room to make more money through different jobs.

Step 9: Buy Other Businesses

Buy other businesses. You have no reason not to do so. If you find a business that is similar to your own and could help boost your company sales, then go for it. It's a fast way to make more money and scale more quickly.

It may seem hard to do so when you're first starting your business, but once you buy another one, you'll be set. You’ll be surprised how it works out for you. Just think, all major corporations have bought smaller companies and businesses as a way for more profit and stability. They also have another company to fall back on if one doesn’t work out.

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