Junk Removal Faq | Frequently Asked Questions for Junk Haulers

Junk removal faq you can ask a junk removal company to see if they fit your needs and budget.

Junk Removal Services Most Common Questions

Junk removal isn’t always a simple task. Not only do you have to sort it, but you also have to load it, haul it, and ensure that everything is recycled or disposed of properly. Luckily, this isn’t a task that you have to go about on your own. A reliable Junk Removal Service will send their service technicians straight to your door to load up your junk and haul it away for you.

How does Junk Removal Work?

Step 1: Pick up the phone and call your local Junk Removal Service

Step 2: Give the service rep an idea as to what types of items you need removed, and how much you have that needs to be removed.

Step 3: Set up an appointment time for technicians to come to your home and remove your trash.

Step 4: Have the trash ready to go at your appointment time, and let the technicians do the rest!

Junk Removal Faqs

Junk Removal Faqs

Junk Removal Service Faqs

Junk Removal Faq - Evergreen Junk Removal

How much does it cost?

The cost of Junk Removal will vary depending on a variety of factors. Things that can influence pricing include distance of travel, your location, how much junk you need removed, what type of junk you need removed, and the individual service company.

To get a better idea as to the cost of services, ask the company for a free quote. Depending on how much you have to be removed, a quote may be possible over the phone, or they may send a technician to your home to get a better estimate. Estimates should away be free and should include no hidden fees.

How long does it take to receive service?

Again, this will depend on the company for which you are working with. Having said that, most companies should be able to send technicians to your home within 24-48 hours of your call (or one to two business days).

Do I have to home when the technicians come?

Companies will differ on their policies for this. While some companies insist on you being home, others will be more than happy to pick up your junk. If the latter is the case, just make sure that the technicians are clear on where the trash is located and exactly what it is that they are taking.

Is it important for a Junk Removal Service to have insurance?

YES! If a Junk Removal Company does not have their own insurance policies, run far, far away! Insurance is important not only for protecting employees, but also for protecting yourself. If a company was not insured and an accident occurred as a result of junk removal on your property, you could be held responsible. Don’t take the risk – make sure the company you choose has insurance.

Where does my junk go?

Depending on what type of junk you have, it could end up in one of three places: the landfill, the recycling, or in a donation bin. But don’t worry about the sorting – the technicians should do all of this for you.

Can I dispose of toxic waste?

Rules are regulations surrounding toxic waste will vary depending on which company you are going with, but most companies will not accept toxic waste. Having said that, they may be able to give you tips and tell you how to dispose of it properly.

Is Junk Removal Service a necessity?

No, there are other options. But if you want to save yourself time and pass off the job of lifting heavy lifting to someone else, Junk Removal service is the way to go!

What We Offer At Evergreen Junk Removal Service?

Got junk? It's high time you get rid of it— you need to choose the junk removal company to use first. Once you surf through the net and done with your research any junk removal company you decide to use, you need to ask them these 12 questions.

These 12 questions have been answered appropriately in this content, you may likely get a different answer but a reputable junk removal company will give you an answer close to the answer in this content. 

What kind of junk can you remove?

It will be disheartened to hire a junk removal company to remove your old refrigerator only to find out when they get to your home or business that they don't reduce appliances.

 A professional junk removal company will remove almost all types of junk so you should always expect a positive answer when you contact a professional company.

How much prep do you need to do yourself?

The junk removal process will always be simple and painless as possible for you.

A reputable junk removal company won't make you lift a finger beyond opening other for and pointing to the junk you want to get rid of.

How long or much time does it take for the junk to be removed?

Once you decide to get rid of your junk, you don't need to wait for weeks or months to get rid of it.

A professional junk removal company will always be easy to reach at anytime and can process the pick up of the junk within 24-48hours.

Junk needs to be removed and disposed of properly so you won't be causing more issues than removing the junk.

The junk removal company will give you 100% responsibility of disposal with eco-friendly recycling, and will always be licensed and approved by the right environmental agency.

How much does junk removal cost?  

Junk removal cost does not need to be exorbitant prices, so you should give no worries when coming up with a budget.

The cost will depend on the junk you want to remove or space it will occupy in the truck, regardless of the junk you want to remove price does not need to be exorbitant.

Can you contact their, past customers? 

In other to be sure you are hiring the right company and not going for the sugar-coated mouth you need to contact their last customers or read reviews.

You will get a positive answer to this question but if you get a negative answer probe ahead to know why you aren't allowed to do so.

How much experience do you have?  

This will help keep your mind at ease that you are hiring a professional junk removal company.

This answer will always vary depending on the years of experience of the company but you should likely go fa or company with at least 6month experience.

Are you licensed? 

The best company to hire anytime should always be a licensed junk removal company except your state does not require licensing for junk removal

A professional junk removal company must have a license.

Not all your junk should end up the dump, except they are not worthy to be recycled.

You should get a positive answer to this question as this will help you keep your mind at ease that not all junk will end up in the dump

Do you donate some useful junk to charity?  

Not all your junk is junk, some needs to be donated to charity

A professional and experienced company will always have a charity company they donate some junk that is in the right state.

Can I give you a charity home to donate my junk?  

Most Junk removal companies will have a charity home they donate their useful junk too.

You should be allowed to give them a list of the charity home you want your junk to be donated to even if they have the one they donate to.

Do you have an insurance policy?

You can't afford to get a liability during the process of junk removal.

Not all Junk removal may have an insurance policy but a professional junk removal company should always have this as it will help you in the future.

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