Junk Removal Leads – How to Convert Leads to Sales

Junk Removal Leads

Junk Removal Leads

You already know how important it is for your leads to turn into bookings and then sales. It doesn't need to be repeated, but despite this being the goal not all attempts to achieve it work. So outlined below are the steps for you to follow that will dramatically improve your chances of solid customers and sales.

Use Your Phone Correctly

Don't take this for granted. Your phone has power to keep and attract customers. Overlooking this simple job will either push away clients or make you look unprofessional. When you answer the phone, answer it the right way. Give your customers your personal greeting. "Hello" is not acceptable at all. You're answering as if someone was calling your cell phone to have a friendly conversation; this isn't that. 


Speak and sound professional as that's what your company is supposed to be. When you answer, say, "Thanks for calling Evergreen Junk Removal. This is John. How may I help you?"

Change your tone of voice, so that the request sounds genuine. You don't want to sound dead when you answer, and you definitely don't want your customers viewing you as anything but reputable.

In addition to that, be quick with responses. If a customer asks a question about your services or products, provide them with a helpful and reasonable response. Don't let them hang up without the necessary information they need to decide if your business is the best for them. They likely won't call back and will dismiss you right there.

If a customer has an objection, provide them with an alternative or an understanding. For example, say one tells you they'd like to ask around a couple more businesses before they make a decision.

You'd respond along the lines: "Of course, if you'd like, you can still set up an appointment or a date. The other businesses may not have an appropriate time for you. You could cancel anytime with a quick phone call whenever you'd like."

This kind of approach will make you more attractive and a more reasonable option for your customers as it exhibits professionalism.

How to convert sales for junk removal business

Do a Content Audit

Think about how your business could benefit your customers. Go beyond the basic services and products you provide and determine what else you could offer that would be useful or helpful. Content marketing is a powerful tool. It'll build your company and provide other ways of pulling people in.

Of course, it only works when done correctly. Use it to draw customers in through other platforms like blogs, YouTube videos, or resourceful emails. Give them something helpful so that when they need a service done, they'll contact you.

Also, try making the features and content on your website more friendly and serviceable. Make them sound like you're doing your customers a favor, are considering their hectic lives, and are giving them a good deal. Don't make your content sound too direct and remote. Add that personal touch.

Come up with Packages and Deals

Come up with some good deals that will make customers want to come to your store. Make them feel like they are saving money when they work with you.

Don't just list your prices upfront and expect your customers to pay for them. They will, of course, but having those nice and special deals, packages, and savings will make them feel like they won something. Provide your customers with that feeling as it will encourage them to come back. Give them more for their money, essentially.

Be Outstanding

You need to stand out more. People in need of junk removal services are more likely to work with businesses that have an interesting brand and a good pitch. You have to separate yourself from the rest of the competition in order to attract the demographic you're looking to serve. You also need to separate yourself because then you will be recognizable. It doesn't matter if a customer doesn't know who you are. If you can make your company look unique, then he or she will soon.

Of course, this doesn't mean that you have to go to extreme lengths to achieve that goal. Don't spend tons of money on making yourself unique to your customers. All you really need is the one thing that will make you stand out. It could be your company's values, the designs on your trucks, your style of advertising, etc. No matter what you do, you just have to do it well.

In fact, CarMax released a video back in 2017 that went viral. Not only did it bring attention to a couple who were trying to sell their car, but also brought CarMax to everybody's attention. The video made CarMax look interesting and clever and seem funny. If you can do that for yourself, then you will increase your publicity and inspire people to look into your services.

Improve Your Sales Skills

You can be great at attracting customers and clients, but if you're unable to keep them and land the sale then it's all been a waste. Your business thrives on sales, obviously, but it takes a clever approach and a skill set in order to land the sale. You need to learn the right things to say, the right things to do, and the right ways to serve people.

There are a variety of methods that will accomplish that goal for you and give you the sale that you need. This will increase your conversion rate, which is what you're ultimately trying to do. So brush up on your skills, increase your knowledge, and actively employ any and all strategies.

Encourage Word-of-Mouth

You don't have to rely on several straightforward tactics and strategies to get the kind of traffic you're looking for either in person or online. You could just participate in your community. As an active participant, you will be increasing the chances of someone asking what you do for a living. You could then give that person your business card, tell him or her where you're located, and reveal the kind of services you offer. 

Let that person know you're in the area and that if they are ever in need of a junk removal business, you're the one to call. By actively talking to people, you are exponentially increasing the chances of your business experiencing success. So take advantage of the opportunity and spread the word around.

Personalize Your Services

When it comes to existing clientele, you should offer more personalized services for them to use. It will show that you care about the job you're performing and your customers’ needs.

At times, it’s best to keep clientele rather than get more as you can ensure they will return. With this in mind, you should let your customers know that you are willing to help them to the best of your ability.

Junk Removal Leads

Understand Your Sales

Pay attention to your highest bidding services. Reach an understanding of the ones your customers are spending money on and requesting the most. Those are what you should be investing in. Find some way to make the service better and upgrade it.

Use Q&A

People want to know about your business and services. They'll have questions about how you conduct them, whether you’re eco-friendly, among others. It's your job to provide them with the information they need.

If you do this, then you will be able to satisfy a customer's needs and help them reach their decision on whether to hire you or not. It also gives you the chance to be ranked higher underneath search engines.

There will be a lot of people with the same or similar questions, so if you can answer just one potential customer then you will have answered a lot of people's questions and made yourself more visible online. This will increase your chances of people hiring your services.

Optimize Your Google My Business Listings

Be sure to optimize your profile online. You want all of the information to be accurate and relevant, as well as easily retrievable online. You want to fill out every single section on your listings, as the extra information will make it easier for visitors to find you and look into your company.

Don’t put anything bland, vague, or simple online. Google will be sure to take all of that information and connect it in the best way possible.

So as you can see, there are plenty of methods to converting leads to sales. It's just a matter of listening to them all and putting them into action.

The better reviews you receive for it, the more customers that will want to pay for it. This puts more money in your wallet and improves your reputation. As for the services and products that aren’t doing so well, do some research on why.

Ask your clients and customers for feedback and do research on why the services work so well for other businesses. Take that knowledge and use it to improve your own business. Once you do that, you’ll be able to better market your own company and achieve the kind of success you want.

Looking To Scale Up Your Junk Removal Business

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Scale and grow your junk hauling business with us. We will work with you by providing you a thorough market analysis to figure out how to get you more business. We've done and have a blueprint that works effectively. 

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