The Junk Removal Process | Getting Junk Hauled Away

Our following post hints and describes some of the junk removal process you may experience and things you can do to prepare, if you are planning have junk hauled away.

The Evergreen Junk Removal – Junk Removal Process

There are some dos and don'ts of trash removal service that makes the work of the removal company more comfortable and more efficient. Some guidelines are put in place that you are to follow and adhere to, making your trash handling and disposal stress-free.

These are the unacceptable items that are not allowed in the trash.

  • Always keep your trash clear of oily substances, for example, cooking oil (except it is in its solid form), motor oil.
  • Always keep your trash clear of dangerous materials, waste from electronics, debris from construction sites such as bricks, stones, and paints, hospital equipment.
  • Always try to ensure you keep your trash free from hazardous substances like coal, ash, perfumes, etc.
  • Always keep the dead animals out of your trash.
Junk Removal Process

Junk Removal Process

Guideline In The Removal Process

These are the guidelines to help you assist the removal service company in making your junk removal an easy job.

  • Be the INSIDE THE TRASH BAG customer, ensure that all your trash ate kept inside the trash bag as any litter outside or on top of the dumpster will be term extra trash causing you to pay extra.
  • Be the WIND CONSCIOUS customer, pack your trash correctly to avoid them being blown around, making a mess of the whole trash place.
  • Be the TIME CONSCIOUS customer, get your trash out early on the day assigned for pick up.
  • Be a GOOD COMMUNICATING customer, keep contact with your trash company always, let them know when you need special services or urgent pick up of larger items, speak up when you are not treated right, or there was a service that was not carried out properly for you.

The Junk Removal Process

Junk Removal Bags

These are the handle instructions for the cart or trash bag and also how they should be placed.

  • There should be a clear distance between your cart or trash bag and any form of obstructions. Keep your cart at nothing less than 2 meters away from things like a parked car, recycle bins, mailbox, etc.
  • Ensure you keep your carts exposed and open. Keep the opening or lid exposed to the road while the handle should face your house.
  • Ensure your cartwheels are on the exact extreme of your house, and they do not exceed your boundaries.
  • Ensure your cart is opened correctly and is not locked, if it was before, unlock it to prevent a case scenario of incomplete service in a case when the truck sent to pick the trash is automatically operated.
  • Try not to overstuff your cart, because a stuffed cart is hard to offload into a truck when the pick is operated manually, not to talk of if the car is operated automatically; it will also cause a situation of incomplete service.
  • Avoid placing items, bags, or bricks on your cark. Placing objects on your cart, especially bricks or stones, can damage the lid, making it hard to empty.
  • Do not allow construction or renovation debris or waste to find their way into your cart.

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