Mattress Recycling | Why Recycle A Mattress for The Environment

There are properties that we own which we want to get rid of at some point, but we do not know a way around getting rid of these items. Mostly because they are large and cannot fit into a trashcan, or because you just do not know a way around getting rid of these items.

Mattress Disposal 

One of such items that can pose disposal stress is the mattress. The mattress is voluminous and does not exactly come with a disposal manual, so you are stuck with a mattress you no longer want, but you do not also know how to get rid of it.

Properties we no longer want, but cannot get rid of are the most annoying things ever. You are staring at them and telling yourself that this should longer be in your apartment, but you do not know how to get rid of it.

This is why there are mattress disposal teams. They collect and dispose of or recycle mattresses for you, taking off all that stress from your mind, leaving you a space to put a new mattress.
Mattress Disposal and Mattress Recycling

Mattress Disposal and Mattress Recycling

Can old mattresses be recycled? 

As technology keeps advancing, humans are beginning to save more and saving more means recycling things that you no longer want to. Keep or hold on to. The list of things that cannot be recycled is dropping to the tiniest daily, and it might be in your best interest to know that mattresses are not on that list.

A mattress is fully recyclable and should be given to people who know their way around recycling it, in this case, a mattress disposal team, instead of just attempting to throw it out yourself.

A recycled mattress can be made into throw pillows, cushion, pet bed, bicycle seats, car seats, backyard compost bin. The list of things you could do while recycling a mattress is limitless!

What parts of a mattress can be recycled? 

A mattress is made up of different parts, and each of these parts is almost completely recyclable.

The Steel: The steel part of the mattress can be made into a lot of things, once it gets to the scrapyard and has been melted. There are so many things which can be made from that melted steel, some of which might just come back to you, and you would not know.

Natural fibers: The natural fibers, when they get to the place where the recycling is done, they will be cleaned, shredded and turned into fiber-based items. Either that, or after the cleaning and shredding process, they will be sent back as fillers for another mattress, or a sofa cushion. They are not useless after the first use, they can be used again, and again, as long as they are in good condition.

Foam: The foam part of the mattress, which is usually what the mattress is mostly made of, can be used in tons of ways.

It can be shredded and made into carpet paddings, it can be made into throw pillows, it can also be made into rebond foams for car seats and gym equipment, and bicycle seats.

The mattress itself: A mattress that was disposed of in good condition, only needs intense cleaning and the outer cover changed, before it's put in the market again, for maybe half the price, but it doesn't just go in the bin. After it has been used a second time and disposed of again, it then goes on to become some of the aforementioned things.

Why is recycling a mattress good for the environment? 

When mattresses get to the landfills, the process of beating them down into smaller degradable pieces is usually a lot.

First, there is a spring inside each mattress, and since they can't start removing the mattress part by part- they have a truckload of things to take care of- they use a landfill machine.

The job of a landfill machine is to beat down the item into smaller bits, so they use this on a mattress. Sometimes, the spring pops out of the mattress and ruins the landfill machine. Take a math guess of how much machines go bad every time they try to beat down a mattress which should have gone to recycling.

Mattresses are also made of petroleum-based products, these products tend to be toxic after a while when they stay on the earth.

These toxic materials, when they seep into the ground, they begin to poison the soil and if it gets worse, the water.

Mattresses may not be harmful to you when you make use of them, but when they get to the landfill they become harmful to not just you, but everyone else around you.

The goal is to make sure that they don't, and the only way to make sure of that is to send the mattresses to recycling.

The process of getting mattresses ready for landfill leaves a load of carbon footprint, which is not healthy for the society, you, inclusive.

One more thing, sending your mattress to the landfill will cost you a lot more than having a mattress disposal team take it out for recycling. This is because landfills are beginning to charge more for mattresses, and they rightly should, the process of beating one down is a lot

Mattress Disposal Service

Mattress Disposal Service

How do I know when to get a new mattress? 

Changing your mattress is not a thought that just pops into your mind on its own, something has to have driven that thought. If you are thinking of changing your mattress or wondering if it is time to change your mattress, it probably is time.

Here are a few reasons why it might just be time to change your mattress.

It is no longer comfortable: comfort is not exactly something that people like giving up, under any circumstances. If something is comfortable, and there are hardly any hitches, changing it will be a waste of time and money. Your mattress should bring you absolute comfort and nothing more, and if it stops giving that, something is wrong with it and it definitely needs changing.

An uncomfortable mattress does more than just be uncomfortable. It might cause you health issues like back pain, or pain in your waist region. If you are beginning to experience pains as a result of your mattress, it means it is due for a change.

An uncomfortable mattress can also alter your sleep, and when you aren't getting enough sleep, you are putting yourself in harm's way, it means you could end up with anxiety, a heart disease, or worse stroke. All because you kept a mattress that was no longer offering comfort. Comfort is a big deal when it comes to mattresses. If you aren't getting comfortable, you should not be sleeping on that mattress.

It is wearing and tearing:
A mattress wear and tear is not usually a good thing. Sure, you can cover it up with good sheets and a good blanket, but the tear will keep on tearing and the mattress will keep wearing out, and one day, you will realize that it has torn beyond what a sheet can hide.

Your allergies are worsening:

While it sounds strange that your mattress may just make your asthma worse, it's true. If there are dust mites or other allergens on your mattress, you could wake up at different times of the night with an attack or an allergic reaction.

The moment your allergies start happening when you are on or near your mattress, please have it carried by the mattress disposal team. Allergies get worse sometimes and they can be fatal. Your life is dependent on a good mattress.

Bed bugs:

Ugh! This should have come first actually. When bed bugs attack a mattress, there is not much you can do anymore. It should go with the mattress disposal team right away. Unless you like the idea of waking up at night to itch and have stinging sensations all over your body.

When the spring is noisy:

A noisy spring is a disadvantage for so many reasons. If your spring is noisy, it belongs to the iron benders at recycling, no longer with your mattress.

If you can feel your partner moving, or your weight can push down a part of your mattress, it might be time to change it. A good mattress offers balance so that you can't feel your partner move or get out of bed, and can carry your weight. If none of these are happening, you should change your mattress to one which offers these qualities.

Changing your mattress once in a while is a good thing, your maximum comfort is important.

Another important thing is making sure that your mattress is disposed of properly, and this cannot be done by you. The process of taking it to the recyclers and the process of recycling is not something that you can carry out successfully, this is why you need a mattress disposal team to have this done for you.

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