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The term ‘refrigerator disposal’ might be new to a lot of people because it’s not as common as it should be. It's no surprise that the first thing that comes to mind when you have a damaged or worn-out appliance is to dump it at a landfill.

A lot of people fail to realize that so many home appliances can be recycled when they’re no longer in use. Home appliances like microwaves, electric cookers, toasters, and in this case, refrigerators shouldn’t be dumped in landfills without being recycled. Basically, there are so many benefits of recycling and a major one is that it’s good for the environment. Throwing your old refrigerator out wholly has disadvantages you probably never thought of.

If you have an old refrigerator ready to be replaced, don't just abandon it at a landfill and allow it to harm the environment. Keep reading to discover the right way to dispose of your refrigerator and why it's important.

Can A Refrigerator Be Recycled?

A refrigerator whether big or small can and should be recycled. Just like any other home appliance, a refrigerator is made of smaller components; some visible and some hidden. These parts of a refrigerator can be recycled to make other things like phones, cans, bolts, and so on. It doesn’t really matter if your refrigerator no longer cools items or leaks from different places, its parts can still be useful.

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Professional junk removal companies dismantle the refrigerator because that’s the only way to recycle it properly. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small freezer; it still has the basic components of a refrigerator. Dismantling also needs to be done correctly to avoid damaging important parts. After breaking down the fridge parts, these professionals send them to industries that’ll make good use of them.

Refrigerators are made up of different metals, steel, insulating foam, compressors and so on that can be reused. Also, the oil found in refrigerator switches or thermostats like mercury can be salvaged by professionals. The plastics, glass dividers, refrigerants, and so on are very useful to many industries. Seeing a phone case from an old refrigerator will surprise you.

Most parts of refrigerators, when salvaged properly, can be reused in ways you never thought of. When recycled properly they can be used to make new appliances.

The bottom line of this is that a refrigerator can be recycled so you should put an end to dumping it wholly in landfills.

Why Should Refrigerators Be Recycled?

Few persons that are familiar with refrigerator recycling don’t practice it because it seems too complicated. Before we go on, it’s necessary to mention that there’s always someone that can provide you with any service you need. With that being said, there shouldn't be an excuse for not recycling your old refrigerator. These four are the major reasons why you should recycle your refrigerator which include;

  • Unrecycled refrigerators are harmful to the environment: When you decide to throw away your old refrigerator without recycling it, gasses released can harm the environment. Rotten foam insulation releases harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Other harmful chemicals found in your refrigerator are Beryllium, Lead, Cadmium, etc.
  • Refrigerator parts can be reused: Why waste parts of your old refrigerator that can be salvaged into something very useful? 98% of your refrigerator parts can be recycled into useful items. Recycling your refrigerator prevents wastage because the parts can be reused.
  • There are state laws that make it compulsory: To encourage recycling, many states now have laws relating to the proper disposal of home appliances. Failure to recycle a home appliance like a refrigerator would have its penalties. 
  • You can make some cash for recycling an old refrigerator: When you choose to recycle your refrigerator, you can get government rebates. This allows you to get some cash and still have your fridge removed from your home for free.

Recycling your refrigerator means that you are playing your own part in keeping the environment safe. Parts like the compressors can be used in another appliance and sold cheaply so that someone else can afford it.

 Hiring a professional junk removal company is a good option. However, if you have the patience and skill to dismantle the parts of the fridge then go ahead. The back wires, shelves, refrigerant, outer layer, and so on need to be dismantled. This makes it easier to transport. A professional junk removal would have the right tools and skills to prepare the fridge for disposal. Doing it on your own might cause injuries, waste time, and damage some parts. A junk removal company is capable of lifting a big fridge and taking it to their workshop to dismantle. They would also have industries willing to reuse recycled parts of the refrigerator.

How To Get An Old Fridge Ready For Disposal?

Getting an old refrigerator ready for disposal isn't complicated at all. The hard parts and dismantling are left for the junk removal company. The company takes out the reusable parts and disposes of the rest properly. There are three things you should do to prepare your refrigerator for disposal and they include;

  • Taking out all the items from the fridge like leftover foods, drinks, beef, and every other edible item. If you have your new refrigerator already, then you can transfer the items into it.
  • After taking out every item from the fridge, the next step is to clean it up. Recycling a dirty fridge shouldn’t be done; it’s just not proper. There’s no need for thorough cleaning; just used a wet cloth to clean out anything that might have spilled inside.
  • The next step would be to contact the junk removal company to take the fridge away. You should carry out your research when hiring a junk removal company to ensure that they're professionals. Not all junk removal companies that claim to recycle actually recycle so you should make sure of that.

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How To Know When You Need To Toss Away Your Refrigerator?

Refrigerators are one of the most important home appliances which means that they need to be working perfectly at all times. They store perishable foods, help you freeze leftover food, and make sure your drinks are always chilled. When it begins to fall short in performing its basic functions, that means that it’s time for a change. There are some signs that show that your fridge needs to be replaced.

  • When your refrigerator begins to heat up excessively from the back, then it’s getting spoilt. The heat from the back of a fridge is normal but when it becomes too hot, then it’s time to replace it.
  • When the food items in your refrigerator begin to get bad quickly even before the expiry date then it's time to toss it away. A refrigerator is meant to preserve your food items especially perishable foods so that you can use them whenever. If you notice that your food items get bad before their expiry date, then it's time to toss the freezer away.

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  • Refrigerators have motors in them that keep the fridge running smoothly. You're not meant to hear the motor running. When it becomes very audible, then it's time to get a new refrigerator.
  • The thermostat allows you to regulate the temperature of the fridge. When you notice that it keeps getting very cold even forming icicles, then it's getting worse. You should get a professional to check it out for you to know if you can replace just a part or if you need to get a new one.
  • Also, when your refrigerator begins to have cracks on the inside, there’ll be a need to change it. Cracks would cause water from melted icicles to leak especially if it’s from underneath.
  • Another sign that shows that your refrigerator needs to be replaced is that it’s not acting the right way. Fluctuation in temperature is a very common sign. If your fridge begins to act funny and doesn't do respond to the switches, then it's time for it to be tossed away. 

Try not to be reluctant in tossing away your old refrigerator and getting a new one. Your refrigerator showing these signs should not be overlooked. Most times, it could just mean that your refrigerator is old and can no longer perform properly. Paying a professional to keep repairing and replacing parts when it’s obvious that the fridge is just showing signs of old age won’t be a good idea. Purchase a new and quality refrigerator to avoid wasting money on repair and replacing spoilt food items.

So far, we’ve seen that refrigerators can be recycled, the importance of recycling your old refrigerator, and how to know it’s time to toss your old fridge away. Recycling assures you that every part of your refrigerator will not be wasted but will be reused for other purposes. There are so many junk removal companies that can help you remove your old refrigerator and recycle it. It’s not too late to start recycling your old home appliances to benefit the environment and prevent wastage. 

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