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You’re planning to purchase a new refrigerator next month. You have a specific brand in mind, and you’re ready to buy it any time. But before adding your choice to the cart, you might be wondering how to get rid of your old and existing refrigerator. Don’t worry, as we’re here to help you. Now, let’s start!

Price Range for Refrigerator Disposal Costs: $150-400 (Varies based on size, distance, and location)

Refrigerator Disposal

Can a Refrigerator Be Recycled?

Your refrigerator has been part of your life for many years or even decades, so you don’t want to throw it away. Can it be recycled? Of course! It can be recycled. But how to get started?

Before recycling either of your refrigerators or freezers, be sure to remove their toxic compounds, including oils and refrigerants, to comply with the existing Federal law. From there, you’re ready to go.

Find a Certified and Professional Recycler

Recycling a refrigerator on your own is not possible unless you have prior experience or complete sets of tools. But if you don’t, never attempt to dismantle the appliance yourself. It is better and safer to look for a recycling center near you.

Many homeowners in the US contact the city or county agency that deals with trash collection in a specific area. You can also do the same thing and look for names like Waste Management, Public Works, or Sanitary District. Some may require you to bring the appliance yourself. It depends since others require a scheduled appointment.

In case a municipal agency cannot help, don’t lose hope. It is time to call a recycling center. To gather your best options, the US Environmental Protection Agency is the institution you can count on and trust. Yes, it takes time to search for the right service provider, but all your efforts will be worth it.

Prep the Refrigerator

It’s a big mistake to prepare your refrigerator during the scheduled pick-up. If possible, remove the doors for safe and convenient transport. To do that, locate the bolts of your fridge. Usually, they are on top of the appliance. Once you find the bolts, remove them using an adjustable wrench and other necessary tools. Ask help

from someone as much as possible. Then, remove the screws that connect the bottom of the door to your refrigerator. Do the same thing to other doors.

Pick Up

You’re lucky if the recycler can pick up your appliance. But if it is not part of the service, pay someone who will do the job for you. If you are free, it can be an enjoyable and challenging experience you should try.

To place the refrigerator on your truck or van, lay its doors on the ground. Don’t forget to include the drawer, shelving, bolts, and screws. They can also be recycled. Then, you can transport it to the recycling center of your choice. That’s it! There’s no complicated procedure to bear in mind. But if you are a beginner, the process might be overwhelming to handle.

Needed Materials to Prepare

What are the materials you should use when removing the doors, bolts, and other accessories in your refrigerator? These are an adjustable wrench, Phillips screwdriver, handcart, and appliance dolly. Instead of buying some of the missing tools, just borrow them from your siblings, neighbors, or relatives to save some cash.

A Few Things to Remember

For everyone’s safety, lay the refrigerator on its back right away after removing the door as your children might climb inside where they might get trapped.

Another safety precaution is never to leave the door upright as it might fall and hurt someone, leading to severe injuries.

If it’s your first time to prep your refrigerator for recycling, it is advisable to ask assistance from an expert.

How to Get an Old Fridge Ready for Disposal?

Is the scheduled pick up of your old fridge fast approaching? Don’t you know how to prepare the appliance? Worry no more. In this section, we have gathered simple and useful steps to prep your refrigerator for smooth and stress-free disposal. Take a close look at the following:

Unplug the Fridge to Defrost the Evaporator

Imagine the recycling agency picks up your refrigerator with some thick ice inside. That would be extremely inconvenient and stressful.

To avoid any hassle, unplug the fridge a few days before the pick-up so that the evaporator would defrost properly.

If you have a busy schedule, it’s all right to defrost the appliance a few hours before the disposal.

Remove all Perishable Goods - Dont Leave Anything Inside your Fridge

Aside from thick ice, any food item in the fridge is uncomfortable for a recycling agency. Before disposal, remove all food and other perishable goods. Don’t leave anything inside the refrigerator.

During the pick-up, check it again as your children might place another item inside. You never know what you could find out in the fridge again.

Tape Down Loose Items to Avoid any Trouble Along the Way

Once all foods are removed, and the appliance is defrosted, check for loose items that could be a hassle during disposal. Make sure to tape down its compartments and shelves to enjoy seamless and stress-free disposal.

Place it Outside - Be Sure Its on the Right Spot

After taping loose items, carry them outside. Since it is bulky, let someone do the job to avoid injuries.

Now, wait for a representative from a local recycling agency to arrive. That’s it! There’s no intensive knowledge required. You can handle the process even if you are a beginner. Enjoy prepping your fridge for future disposal.

Refrigerator Disposal Service

How to Know When You Need to Toss Away Your Refrigerator?

Unlike other appliances at home, it is easy to determine whether your refrigerator needs to be replaced or recycled. There are visible signs you would notice, although you are not that techy and experienced. Below are some of the common symptoms that would indicate your refrigerator requires to be recycled and replaced:

Too Much Condensation

Condensation in your fridge is not a big problem. But when it’s excessive, be alarmed and don’t relax. It indicates that your refrigerator is not cooling as it is before. The problem could lie in the rubber sealing around its door. Check if there are signs of mildew or water droplets. If you find the mold and other problems, install another rubber seal, which can be a DIY project. But if you still don’t know how to get it done even after reading the instructions manual, there are qualified professionals you can hire.

Let’s say you replaced the rubber seal, and nothing changed. Replacing and recycling the appliance is probably your last resort. Look for a sought-after brand to enjoy the long-lasting performance and work with a trusted recycling agency.

The Motor Gets Hotter Every Day 

Another sign to replace or recycle your refrigerator is when the back of your appliance gets warmer than before.

It is uncommon for a refrigerator to get hotter as it is built with insulated coils. But if you notice extreme heat, it would be a bright idea to call a technician to enjoy a thorough and accurate inspection.

Depending on the problem, it could be a better option to replace the coils. But it won’t work, especially when your fridge is old or has other expensive and serious issues. Considering a replacement is a more worthwhile investment.

Your Food Gets Spoiled Quickly

Many homeowners believe that a slight drop in their fridge temperature is not a big problem. If you think the same way, be warned that a sudden change in the appliance temperature could imply a problem.

If you leave it unattended for days or you spend hundreds of dollars on your food, you could be wasting a big sum of money.

Consider getting your refrigerator repaired. But if nothing changed, have it replaced or recycled. Although investing in a new appliance could break your bank, your convenience is what matters the most.

Too Much Ice

Ice in refrigerators is normal. But when it gets thicker than it’s used to be, don’t be afraid. It is not an emergency that requires quick action. What you need to do is to consume the food in the freezer and defrost it right away.

Keep it open until the ice melts. After a few hours, the ice is nowhere to be found. Turn it on again and check if there are signs of ice after a few days.

If ice starts to form again, don’t hesitate to call a capable technician for repair. If the problem is beyond their expertise, consider a replacement. Call a recycling agency before you make a purchase.

It is More than 10 Years Old

Generally, a refrigerator can last for a minimum of 10 years. As years pass by, the quality of your refrigerator would begin to decline, requiring extensive and expensive repairs in the long run.

If your unit is older, it will cause a dent in your savings account, so consider hiring a repair technician. Getting it replaced and recycled would be a wiser investment you should take into account.

It is Too Loud

It is normal for refrigerators to make a soft humming sound. Sometimes, the sound is a bit louder every time its compressor and motor kick on, which usually happens when the temperature increases.

If it kicks on and off repeatedly, your refrigerator might be broken, creating louder and more audible noise.

Also, there are other sounds to look out for, like hissing, clicking, and buzzing. If you hear them all more often than necessary, get it thoroughly inspected by a professional. While it can be repaired, think of a replacement for your comfort.

Excessive and Constant Leaks on the Floor

Is there water on the floor near your refrigerator during your maintenance? If yes, call repair technicians as soon as possible.

A buildup of ice on the walls or the back of your refrigerator is the major problem of a water leak. If left unattended for days, it can lead to serious damages.

If your appliance is repaired and nothing changed, have it replaced and recycled, helping you cut down costs and save time.

Its Small or Big

As your family grows, the needs also change. A small fridge, for example, can be a headache. So, you need something bigger. If you have a small space at home and don’t know how to deal with your existing refrigerator, never throw it away. Contact a local recycling agency instead. You could enjoy the refrigerator you like while avoiding the release of toxic materials to landfills.

It is Not Energy-Efficient

Probably, you refrain from watching TV or using your HVAC unit. So, why does your electric bill keep rising? Your appliance like the refrigerator, could be the real problem.

To lessen the pile of bills on your table and avoid high electric consumption, purchasing a new refrigerator is perfect. Before anything else, dispose of your existing appliance properly. Don’t just throw it to landfills. It can be recycled like your ovens, dishwasher, washing machine, and other appliances.

Bottom Line

We hope this guide helps you. If you want to know more information about recycling appliances like refrigerators, feel free to browse our site. There are other important details you would love and enjoy. Share this FAQs page with your colleagues and close friends today.

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