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Like any other disposable or used objects, scrap metals are also waste that litter cities and communities around the world. In more developed countries, regulatory laws are in place on how used metals should be reused.

Metal recycling is not necessarily a profitable venture, but it could keep our environment clean and people out of harm's way.

Almost every object on earth has some elements of metal, plastic, or paper in them. While paper takes little time to disintegrate, plastic takes a gazillion years to come to the same state. Metals, however, never get broken down. They only get rusted when exposed to air and water.

For junk removal services, scrap metal is another piece of trash that needs proper disposal. This is one waste material many residents and commercial occupants do not know how to dispose of properly. Secondly, your regular trash pickup crews are not equipped to handle scrap metal hence they remain on our street corner and homes.

Scrap Metal Pickup

Scrap Metal Pickup

Do you have a pile of scrap metal lying idly around the house or business area? Are you looking for a better way to dispose of them? Countless removal services around you can help you achieve it. Whether you want to have your space cleaned or interested in selling it, you will find someone who will buy your metal scraps.

We will discuss scrap metal and how to ensure your neighborhood and home are rid of them effectively.

How do you properly dispose of scrap metal?

Chances are you have waste metal around the house right now. They are everywhere, including as wraps for our foods. Those beer cans on the kitchen table are metal, the tiny wire used to hold that pencils you bought at the store are metal, and many more.

Most time people do not know how to dispose of metals. Usually, homes are required to have three or four recycle bins that collect paper, metal, plastic, and organic waste.  If you are not opportune to have that many bins, then collect them in your regular black trash bags and haul them over to the junkyard for some cash.

Construction sites, large companies, and businesses that work with metal are required to have large metal bins to store all-metal and construction waste. However, you can separate the metal scraps and call a removal services for proper disposal.

If you are going for a metal pick up whether at residential or commercial premises, dress the part. You should have thick hand gloves to protect your hand from the sharp and jagged corners that can cut through the skin. All metals should be separated according to their types and weight. Heavy scrap metals like iron, reinforced steel and others can be lifted using a forklift. Smaller and lighter scrap metals can be placed in a regular junk truck to the yard. For residential, do not add your metal component to other waste, it is not proper.

If you have old metal scrap lying around the house and cannot get rid of them yourself, call your local junk removal service to help you remove them.  You should inquire if they removal scrap metal first.

Scrap Metal Recycling

When we recycle scrap metal, we are directly cleaning and keeping our environment clean. Furthermore, we live in a world where we are trying to build sustainability, and it starts by reducing, reusing, and recycling the scraps we throw away. 

Due to the composition of metals, a recycled piece still retains the same physical component like a freshly mined piece. The United States uses the most metals in the world, and luckily, also recycles the most. By recycling metal, we are reducing the damage done to mother earth and preserving natural resources for our future generation.

What types of metals cannot be recycled?

We are sure you thought all metals can be recycled, well not all can be recycled. These are some metals that will not be accepted at the junkyard because they are tagged dangerous. Some metal that cannot and should not be recycled are

  • Radioactive metals – metals that fall into this category include plutonium and uranium. The chance of having a piece of either is slim, but you can never tell, so if you come across these, stay away and contact your local removal, they know what to do.
  • Lead – this is a very common metal found in residential and commercial vicinity. They are used as parts of TVs, batteries, computer screens and even in our pencils. They are also dangerous and not recycled.
  • Mercury is just like lead and found in common household items like appliances, jewelry, batteries, electronics, mirrors, and even pendulums.
  • Paint cans and oil cans cannot be recycled
  • Pots and pans are not accepted as scrap metal because of the thin coating called Teflon that is dangerous to the environment.

If you have any of these items listed or not listed here. Call a scrap metal pickup service; they know how to dispose of it and will ensure it stays away from landfill as much as possible.

What types of scrap metal can be recycled?

Almost every metal outside the types listed above can be recycled. In fact, chances are you are sitting on a keg of money with these metallic parts in your home. Metal components in most household equipment can be recycled.

  • Aluminum is metals found your soda can, food wrap, foil paper, door frames, the hardware of mobile devices, and wiring.
  • Brass is found in knobs, old bed frames, and wires.
  • Silver is very common and found in jewelry, coins, cutlery, tableware, and utensils. They are a good way to make some quick cash too.
  • Steel is very common and is found in cooking trays, appliances, and bathroom and kitchen sinks.
  • Titanium and carbide are found at industrial metal waste like airplane parts, drill bits, and jewelry.
  • Tungsten, nickel, and cobalt are found in batteries, razor blades, metal mesh, and filters. In fact, copper, aluminum, brass, pure steel will make you good money.

Other common recyclable metals are copper, gold, iron, copper, or a mixture of two metals. Most scrap yards will pay a token for these recyclable wastes. You might be seating on a money mine now. We love metal, if you have it, call us now. We will not only clean your yard, but we will pay you for it.

Why should scrap metal be recycled?

Metal is the only compound that can be recycled again, and again, and again and still maintain the structural integrity of its molecules. Isn’t that amazing?

Scrap Metal Pickup Service

How does recycling scrap metal help the environment?

It prevents soil degradation – most metals are mined deep under the earth. This involves digging several meters into the ground, destroying the layers and natural ecosystem just for a couple of metals pieces.

Furthermore, humans are employed to work in these uncomfortable conditions putting their lives at risk. By recycling, we reduce the amount of damage done to the earth, and people look for a job where their health and lives are safe.

It saves and preserves the natural resources – for centuries, man has mined metals. These reserves are not refillable. Hence there is the affirmation that one day we will run out of these precious metals that little our streets and fill various junkyards across the world. However, through recycling the environment is safe, and the reserves might just miraculously refill themselves for tomorrow’s generation.

Recycling metal reduces CO2 and greenhouse emissions- the process of attaining pure metal with no impurities is adding dangerous fumes in the form of co, and co2 to our atmosphere This affects the ozone layer causes a change in climate and raises the number of air pollutants to dangerous levels in many countries.

This, in turn, causes various ailments like cancer, respiratory disease, and even premature births.

Reduce Landfill Use

The more trash we use and not recycle, the more landfills get occupied in the world, and the hotter the environment becomes. Metal scraps absorb heat and release it into the environment causing a change in temperature. This is detrimental to our health and the environment at large.

Reduces the demand for natural resources – the more we recycle, the less we want to waste money digging the earth to extract this metal. From an economic standpoint, recycling saves countries, businesses, and economies money. Also, it is a source of employment for many uneducated people who will gladly go around picking up metal scraps for recycling for a token rather than be of negative impact in the society.

Metal scraps are important in building a sustainable planet for the future. Although it looks like a difficult process, scrap metal yards can collaborate with removal services around the communities to collect metal waste. Furthermore, awareness should be spread to teach people how to dispose of metal scarps and who to contact when you have more than enough sitting idle in your home.

Do you have scrap metal for pickup? Call us today; we can turn your junk into treasures.