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It cannot be denied that you always want to keep your home clean and organized. There are various junks that can be challenging to remove. Among these junks is scrap metal. If you want to save your time and energy, you can rely on a scrap metal pickup service. The service is helpful for homeowners and commercial businesses to keep their areas neat and well-organized.

Meanwhile, do you know that scrap metal is a valuable resource? You should not throw them away together with other junks. It can be recycled and can contribute to improving the environment. Let us know more about scrap metals below.

Scrap Metal services

How to dispose of scrap metals properly?

Take note that scrap metals come in different types. You can dispose of these materials based on their type. For example, drink and food cans, which are made from steel and aluminum, can be placed in your home recycling bin. You can also give it to the local recycling depot and get extra money.

On the other hand, bigger scrap metals can be taken to a local scrap yard for the recycling process. With this, you can load the junk, haul it to the yard and rent a van or truck. However, if you’re a budget-conscious homeowner, hiring a scrap metal pickup is the best solution.

What scrap metals are not recyclable?

Keep in mind that not all scrap metals in your home can be recycled. These metal types are:

  • Some car parts  
  • Lead which is found in your old TV’s cathode-ray tubes
  • Paint cans and motor oil
  • Pots and pans
  • Mercury, which is found in fluorescent light tubes
  • Propane gas tanks
  • Radioactive metals such as uranium and plutonium

These scrap metals can’t be recycled because they are usually treated with toxic chemicals, which can lead to soil and air damage once they’re broken down.

What types of scrap metals can be recycled?

Now that you have learned about the scrap metals that can’t be recycled let us know the scrap metal types which can be recycled. Most metal types can be recycled without altering its properties. These types of metals include the following:

  • Brass
  • Nickel
  • Tin
  • Aluminum
  • Zinc
  • Lead
  • Copper
  • Cast iron
  • Steel
Scrap Metal Pickup Service

Why should scrap metals be recycled?

Recycling metals is essential for the manufacturing industry. The recycling industry also offers job opportunities. In addition, it can produce materials for manufactures at cheaper costs. Even more important, it can minimize the need for mining new metals such as copper, aluminum, and steel.

Scrap metals need to be recycled to reduce mining. Thus, excessive mining can greatly harm the environment. Access to metal sources is limited, which makes the mining procedure to be invasive and needs more energy. Fortunately, recycling is really helpful when it comes to producing metals for manufacturing needs.

Recycling only needs less energy compared to sourcing new materials. More importantly, it can also preserve natural resources.

Furthermore, scrap metals must be recycled to minimize garbage sent to landfills and reduce the consumption of natural resources.

Scrap Metal Pickup

How recycling scrap metals help save the environment?

You may not know it, but recycling scrap metal helps the environment. As we mentioned earlier, recycling metal can avoid extreme mining of metal ores. It can also help manufacturing companies to save more money as well as energy resources.

Recycling scrap metals can help the environment because it reduces the waste in landfill sites. In return, it can lower the amount of visual and chemical pollution.

Do you need help with your scrap metals? Then, you can prefer our scrap metal pickup service. Evergreen Junk Removal can be your reliable partner to clear your home or commercial property from junks that can be a visual pollution. To convince you to choose us, the following are the type of metal recycling services we provide.

Brass recycling

Our team will assist you in recycling brass plumbing fixtures. Brass materials can be melted down and reused.

Aluminum recycling 

Among the most common scrap metal types are aluminum. Do you have household items made from aluminum? We can help you with this. We can melt down aluminum items, which can be used for manufacturing new products.

Copper recycling 

Having excess copper in your home can be a nuisance. Worry no more because our service will keep your place clear from these excess metals. Copper doesn’t lose its value or properties if reworked.

Cast iron recycling 

If you have rusting old cast iron, don’t throw it with other trash. It still has value. We will pick up your old cast iron tools to keep your environment clean.

Tin recycling 

Tin is a type of metal that can be found in items like electronics, pots and pans, and drink and food cans.

Steel recycling 

Steel is one of the commonly recycled materials. Recycling steel is helpful to manufacture new products like steel frames for packaging, construction material, and other industrial supplies.

Zinc recycling

Zinc comes with anti-rusting properties. This metal is used in different construction materials. It can be recycled and can be used for steel protection against corrosion.

Lead recycling

Lead can undergo the recycling process repeatedly without losing its value or quality. If you need to dispose of your lead items, give us a call.

Nickel recycling

If you have old items with nickel, our service is for you. Some items that contain nickel include broken kitchen utensils, old phones, used belt buckles, and used razors.

Our team knows how to handle your scrap metals in the best possible way. We also make sure that our customers can receive comprehensive service for their highest satisfaction. We have an experienced team that will accommodate your needs when it comes to clearing your home from scrap metals.

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Need to eliminate scrap metal in your home? Evergreen Junk Removal is the best solution. You can contact us anytime. We have a team that can work with you in a professional and comprehensive way. What are you waiting for? Contact us now!

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