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Are you in need of boat removal Doral service provider? If your answer is yes, Evergreen Junk Removal Service provide boat disposal Doral and junk hauling services. Contact us today for an estimate and let our professional team come take care of that old boat for you.


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To be the best in any field or industry you have to possess certain features and qualities your competition can only dream of. What makes us the best in the boat removal business and why do we consider ourselves the best boat removal company for you.

According to defined industry standards you need to meet all these criteria to consider yourself as a professional boat removal company.

Boat Removal Doral

Boat Removal Doral

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   •    Customer Service:         

 From your first phone call to our company be sure you'll be treated respectably, we always maintain the highest level of professionalism and courtesy when we attend to both old and new clients.

    •    Whether you're talking with our representative on the phone or our workers on site be rest assured good customer service is all you'll get from us.

    •    Experience:        

The experience of the team behind a boat removal company is very important, the more experienced your team is the better they are at handling some delicate removal complications.

    •    While some new boat removal companies with relatively no experience at all provide some excellent services, it is a bit risky for you to hire them just like that, experience matters, the experience is key, and we have a lot of that.

    •    Licensed and Accredited:       

 The license of a company is what makes that company verified as an organization capable of handling a business transaction. It is also proof that the company is good enough to provide excellent services to you.

    •    We are fully licensed and accredited by relevant authorities to handle boat removal business and we maintain our excellent quality of service: this makes us the perfect company to help handle your boat removal project.

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  • Longitude: 80.3553° W

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Don’t Let The Boat Sit For Too Long

Why you shouldn't let your boat sit and rust in your environment

    •    No matter how beautiful anything looks today, there is always a constant; they get old and surely die. This rule applies not just to humans but boats too. There is also another constant if you refuse to take good care of yourself, you run the risk of losing your aesthetics and you degrade, the same thing also happens to boats.

    •    If you leave your old boat laying around your property for too long without taking care of it or disposing of it you are setting it up for rust and also endangering your environment at the same time.

    •    The boat is made of metal, and when the metal has been exposed for a long time to moisture in the presence of oxygen; which is abundant in the atmosphere, they rust. A rusted boat is a bad news as you can easily get scratched or cut and risk getting the deadly bacteria called tetanus.

    •    Plants are also not left out as the environment where a rusted boat lie doesn't support the growth of a plant, this means vegetation suffers, and once plants suffer the environment never remains the same.

Junk Boat Removal Doral

Boat Removal Doral

Junk Boat Removal Doral

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Boat Removal Doral, Florida

Evergreen Junk Removal Services Boat Removal

Reasons people get rid of their boats

    •    If you do a survey of boat owners and ask them why they'll want to get rid of their old boats these three answers will be the most recorded.

The first will be because they are planning to get a new boat, the other answer will be because the boat is too old, the third answer you'll get is because they're not just interested in that boat or any other boat for that matter.

     •    Whatever your reasons may be, if you want to get rid of your boat it is better you work with a boat removal company that possess great customer service, experienced and licensed to handle your boat removal, that will be the wisest decision you'll make for the environment and yourself.

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Boat Removal Doral

Doral Boat Removal Services

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