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Are you in need of boat removal Miami Lakes service provider? If your answer is yes, Evergreen Junk Removal Service provide boat disposal Miami Lakes and junk hauling services. Contact us today for an estimate and let our professional team come take care of that old boat for you.

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First-class Boat removal Service at your doorstep

Masters in Boat Removal

High standards, professionalism, and a good reputation make our company stand out. Our company’s absorption in rendering significant boat removal services to our customers keeps us going.We give you precise and skillful boat removal services no matter the weather condition. Think us, think boat removal.

What we offer

Boat Removal, Recycling, and Reusing

Ever pondered on what to do with an unwanted boat at your dock? We have the solution to all boat removal issues. Our mode of service integrates modern technology. We remove boats and recycle essential parts.We also repair boats and motor engines for reuse or repurpose. What’s more, is that our company runs an Eco-friendly policy; we ensure that unnecessary materials and substances get to the proper handling facilities.


Our modern technology does not just end at removing boats on the water. We also remove boats that may have been sunk at the docks after a storm

Boat Removal Miami Lakes

Boat Removal Miami Lakes

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Don’t Let The Boat Sit For Too Long

We Answer to Environmental risks

Our responses to environmental issues are accurately executed. We rid the environment of any forms of toxicity such as oil spills, ranging from large oil spills to small oil spills. An old battery, freeze and antifreeze, tires and old engines are also not left behind.

How Risky are Abandoned, Rusty Boats To the Environment?

Air Pollution

Boat paints are very hazardous to the environment. They contain chemical substances that help preserve the boats such as pesticides and wood preservatives. Resins such as polyester are also essential chemicals contained in boat materials. These substances pose as a threat to the atmosphere in the long run. As boats get older, they emit toxins into the air and water. These cause irritations and diseases to the people in the environment and also to the wildlife in the waters

Abandoned Boats disintegrate in Time

Boats were not made to last forever. In time, they tend to decompose and weaken. Not only is this risky to people around the environment, but it is also injurious. The decomposed wood or metal pieces add up also to the pollution of the water body.

Environmental Nuisance

The environment would be better off without old, rusty, abandoned boats. They basically create a nuisance to the environment, making the environment appear disorderly. The best solution for such boats is to opt for boat removal.

Swimmers, fishes and boat owners all tend to suffer gravely from abandoning unwanted boats to rot in the environment.

Junk Boat Removal Miami Lakes

Boat Removal Miami Lakes

Junk Boat Removal Miami Lakes

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Boat Removal Miami Lakes, Florida

Evergreen Junk Removal Services Boat Removal

Why people get rid of their boats

Getting rid of boats can be alien to people who have a great love for boats. People who have owned boats for long periods of time are very likely to develop some sort of attachment to their boats. But they get rid of the boats anyway.

    •    Some boat owners get rid of their boats when the boats are faulty beyond repair. The boats may be too old.

    •    Good boats can also be gotten rid of when the owners no longer use them as often as they used to. Perhaps there are better boats at their docks.

    •    The owners may be relocating. They may also have found a new source of income or a new hobby.

 Whether you are in need of boat hauling and salvaging, or you have boat parts in your junkyard, we are your go-to company. For professional boat removal services, we come first.

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Boat Removal Miami Lakes

Miami Lakes Boat Removal Services

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