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How Abandoned Boats Affect the Environment

Ahoy! There… Did you know that there is a new threat facing our environment?

This emerging environmental concern, has nothing to with greenhouse gases, felling of trees but it is just as significant because it affects the balance of the marine ecosystem and not only that, it also could affect the health of livestock and even humans.

Men of the sea and fishermen love their precious boats just as much as they love being in the open sea and going up against the might of nature, but no matter how attached they are to the boats they might need to get rid of them when they get too old and unsafe to take out to sea, when this happens they end up abandoning the boats as they do not know how to get rid of them.

Boat Removal Palm Beach Gardens

Boat Removal Palm Beach Gardens

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Don’t Let The Boat Sit For Too Long

How Exactly Do Abandoned Boats Hurt the Environment

A lot of fishermen and boat owners who have abandoned their boats out at the dock or at the sea do not actually know that if this trend is allowed to continue, the life of the fishes and other aquatic organisms could be adversely affected by this.

Because these boats are made of metals, when they are abandoned on the water they further rust and the metals dissolve and could be ingested by the organisms living in that area and this could lead to their death.

Also, for boats that are abandoned in creeks and rivers that are close to rural settlements, they could cause the water to become too toxic for the people and their animals to consume. Needless to say, these boat owners have to find ways to properly dispose of their vessels.

Reasons People Abandon Their Boats

• For Safety: The sea and even other large freshwater bodies can be very unpredictable and treacherous, so people who dare to take on these waters have to have safe vessels in order to better their chances of getting back safe to land.

So, when their boats get to old they get rid of them and get a new one.

• Better Boats: Just like how other automobile technologies improve by the day, so does boat technology. This is why some boat owners choose to purchase newer boat models with newer features and technology that makes them more comfortable and safe.

Junk Boat Removal Palm Beach Gardens

Boat Removal Palm Beach Gardens

Junk Boat Removal Palm Beach Gardens

 • Changing Occupation: Some folks that earn their livelihoods from the sea might choose to change scenes for something more lucrative or attractive if they have the option and if they do they might abandon their boats especially if they are moving far away.

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Boat Removal Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Why Hire a Boat Removal Company?

1. They Have the Equipment: We have already established that it is unhealthy for the environment to abandon your old boat, but getting rid of these large vessels is no easy feat and so you need to hire a company with the right facilities to carry out this task. 

A boat removal business like ours has the right, high tech equipment to assist you to remove and transport the boat for proper disposal.

2. They Do the Job Safely: Boats come in different sizes but whatever size they are, removing and transporting it away from the dock could be a really tricky or even dangerous situation, as it could lead to some serious injury or even the destruction of public and private owned properties.

We have the required experience to take on the task in a safe way, so there are no complications during and after the job has been completed.

3. We Have the Expertise: A business like ours has the experienced staff not just to move your boat from where they are now but also transport them to a disposal facility where it can be properly and resourcefully handled.

So, instead of leaving your rusty, old boat out at sea or at the dock, no need to stress about it, contact us today and we will assist you to get rid of it properly.

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Boat Removal Palm Beach Gardens

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