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Are you in need of boat removal Seattle service provider? If your answer is yes, Evergreen Junk Removal Service provide boat disposal Seattle and junk hauling services. Contact us today for an estimate and let our professional team come take care of that old boat for you.

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Don’t Let The Boat Sit For Too Long

Do you know a boat or ship in use leads to marine corrosion? Boats/ships are of large and heavy metal parts that are in constant association with water. And because of their exposure to water, they are at risk of galvanic corrosion and stray current corrosion.

Now imagine how much of marine corrosion an abandoned boat/ship will cause. The thing is, leaving your boat out there, rusting away is a big let-off for the environment. For starters, abandoned boats contaminate the marine environment through marine corrosion.

Marine corrosion! Yes, your boats entail a wide variety of chemicals and corrosive materials. When all that is left alone and untended, they affect the waters.

Additionally, marine corrosion affects aquatic organisms. The plants and animals in those beautiful waters will be at the risk of poisoning. And you are not left out too. Eating those animals also puts you at risk of food poisoning too.

Factor all those, and you’d see how harmful it is to abandon your boat or ship in your environment – be it aquatic or terrestrial. Perhaps you think it’s all a fluke. There have been various reports of these causing diseases. Why not avoid such and let professional boat removal companies make the environment better for its entire inhabitant.

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Boat removal is huge task as the size of the boat itself. Imagine all that hard work to move/dispose of some beautifully constructed metal.

And what’s more, you don’t have the knowhow or tools to move the boat to start. So what is the way out?

Professional boat removal companies are the best bet at removing your boat without all the hassle. Perhaps you are not convinced, check out the following:

Expertise and resourcefulness

Distinct tools are vital to getting any job done (at least comfortably). The same goes for boat removal.

Perhaps you have the funds to purchase the tools, but do you know how to operate them? One way or the other, the best option at removing your boat expertly (without all the troubles) lies with hiring professional boat removal companies.

Safety reasons

As earlier stated; boat removal needs skill and unique boat lifting tools (most of which are very expensive). Say you have the tools, the process is harmful. What if it falls off and injures you?

That aside, there are already a lot of harmful effects to owning or keeping a boat. It is best to prevent injuries away from the list. And that is where boat removal companies come in. They help to remove your boats safely with the right tools and professional workforce.


Nothing beats being in the comfort of your homes and families, knowing your boat is removed without creating problems for others. When the removal of boats is not done professionally, it usually attracts much trouble to the boat owner. How so?

Inadequate removal of the boat negatively affects the environment. If that reason is not compelling enough, it attracts a substantial fine too. That is why hiring a professional boat removal company brings comfort by saving you from all those fines.

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Different people have diverse bases for removing their boats. Who knows? Your reason might be the first of its kind – joking.

With that being said, the common reasons why people remove their boats (and why they should employ professional removal companies to do so) include:

The boat is already old
It is beautiful to maintain and repair your boat. At some point, however, you get tired of the old boat. This reason is the commonest. Most people choose to change their boats because its old and they need a new spice.

Other reasons are:
  • The need for a new and more stylish boat
  • Putting the boat up for sale

In all, hiring a professional boat removal company, with all the benefits mentioned above, is a just-fit for your boat removal needs. 

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