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Are you looking for a carpet removal service company near your area? If yes, Evergreen Junk Removal Service provides the most professional carpet removal company for customers online. Let our experienced team remove the old carpet for you. Whether you are doing  home renovation or getting ready to invest in a new carpet. We also offer carpet disposal and pickups for old worn out carpets.

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If you need a professional floor tile and carpet removal service to help you prepare for you upcoming home project call Evergreen Junk Removal Service.


We provide junk removal and hauling services to customers along with the best prices! Our prices are competitive and are quoted based on the amount of work needed. If you need a professional, insured Junk Removal company - call Evergreen Junk Removal today!

Carpet Removal

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Who Needs Carpet Removal Services?

Carpet removal companies are a necessary evil for homeowners and businesses. This article aims to discuss several questions that usually come up, as regards, this service. Some of which include; the importance of hiring a carpet removal company, who requires their services, the tools needed, where you  an find a professional company, as well as, tile installation concerns.

Why Is It Important To Hire A Professional Carpet Removal Company?

Over the years, carpets tend to retain a lot of dust and dirt. They can get so clogged and impossible to clean out, which makes it difficult to manage. It is also, exposed to constant wear and tear by pets, as well as, other environmental forces.

Although a lot of people believe they can handle dirty and worn out carpets on their own, the following are good reasons why you should hire a professional;

Carpet Removal Service and Company

A professional carpet removal company

A professional company has knowledgeable personnel that are well aware of what is needed to get the job done. The tackle each case, depending on the quality of carpet and the material. They make use of the right tools and cleaning products needed to make each job a success. As a matter of fact, a professional removal company will go as far as enlightening its clients. They can educate you on the do's and don't's of carpet cleaning.

A good carpet can last for as long as 3-5 years with proper maintenance.  To achieve this, the following are some of the tools used in carpet removal are;

  • Quality Utility Knives
  • Pliers
  • Quality gloves
  • Screwdriver
  • Vacuum cleaner

All of these tools, with the right personnel will have your carpet off in a short time.

Carpet Removal Companies

Carpet Removal Service

Planning on doing some interior remodeling? Are you planning on getting new flooring? Doesn’t matter whether you are planning on replacing out an old worn-out court carpet To be replaced with new carpeting, Evergreen Junk Removal Services can help.

If you have no idea what to do with old carpet remnants, call us and when our team arrives all you have to do is direct them to what you need to be removed and we will take care of the rest.

We provide services for both households and commercial carpeting related jobs. What’s the carpet is properly removed, we can decide to either recycle it or dispose of it if possible.

We will do our best to choose the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of the carpet.

Evergreen do our best job to make the process easy for you. We understand that it can require a lot of time dealing with old carpet in preparation for new flooring.

If you need assistance and we actually removing carpet tech strips our team can also assist you with that. I just would affect the pricing depending on whether You specified this before I seem started on the job.

Tile Installation 

Tile installations are a more expensive variation of floor finishing. This option is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and have a way of making your home modern. The price of a tile installation usually goes for about;  $4-$12 per square foot. Although, a lot more expensive than the carpet installation, it does have the following pros;

  • Easily cleaned with the appropriate cleaning products and a mop
  • Less retainment of dirt and stains
  • Resistant to environmental factors
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Items like glass are easily damaged during an accident
  • It is expensive to install, replace, or upgrade
  • Light colored grout lines, which might have occurred over time are usually difficult to clean
  • It is a more permanent choice, so your home might be stuck with one look for a long time

A lot of modern homes play around with both options, for a creative edge. Trendy interior designs woud usually place tile installations in active parts of the house. For example, the bathroom and kitchen, while places like the living room and bedroom would have carpets. This is a perfect contrast, as the spots for relaxation are quite warm, compared to other spaces.
It is however, advisable to not make a sudden decision, and put some factors into consideration like;


Your budget should play an active part in your decision. After all, they both have a price and you will need to make payments.

Weather Condition

The weather condition of your location is a huge factor to consider. Certain weather conditions can affect the carpet choice, so you should definitely think it through.

Seek Your Decorator's Opinion

If you're looking for your home to have a particular view, then you definitely need your decorator's input. He/she will be able to give adequate advice on what you should go with.

These information will definitely help you navigate and pick a perfect choice.

Pros & Cons Of Owning A Carpet

If you eventually decide to go with getting a carpet, the following are a few pros and cons. This list will definitely help you with your expectations;


  • It is comfortable
  • It is safer for toddlers
  • There is a variety of colors and styles on the market
  • It is warm
  • It can act as a sound barrier


  • It isn't as durable compared to tile
  • It is difficult to maintain
  • It is prone to the growth of allergens
  • It retains dirt easily
  • Picking out a style can be strenuous

Where Can You Find A Carpet Removal Service For Hire  

Finding the best professional carpet removal service on the market can be easy and at the same time difficult. The the reason is,  because there are so many carpet services on the market, and it can be a bit confusing. The stress involved in navigating between which is great, and which is awful is real. However there are some ways that you can go about it. You can either;

Search Reviews Online

The internet has made it very easy finding any service you need in the world right now. However, as much as there are some good ones, there are also those that would make you regret searching. The best advice you can get, is going to a carpet cleaning website and checking through the reviews. Make sure to take note of the negative reviews and how they respond to it. That way, you can have a glimpse of what to expect.

Ask Friends & Family

If you cannot go through the hassle of checking the reviews online, you can always ask family and friends. At least, you can always trust their judgement.

Everyone requires various types of carpet services at some point. With the above information and tips, you can be sure that you're getting the best service. Always keep in mind that without a clean carpet, you are not truly healthy. So if you haven't gotten your carpet cleaned in a while, make a phone call and book an appointment.

Which Cities Have The Most Homes With Carpet Installations? 

According to research some of the cities with the most homes with carpet installations are:

  • Atlanta
  • Oklahoma
  • California
  • Midvale
  • Idaho

What Is The Price Difference Between Having A Carpet Installation & A Tile Installation 

A carpet and tile installation are both lovely choices when thinking about the finished look of your home. However, sometimes the budget can determine what choice a homeowner decides to go with. The finishing of a home can have a lot of effect on the decor plan of it. This is the very reason why most individuals appreciate information on tips like these.

Some piece of information will enlighten you on the price difference between getting a tile and carpet installation. It will also, enlighten you on the pros and cons of each option. This way, you're adequately prepared for whatever choice you go with.

Carpet Installation 

Carpet installations are considered one of the most cost effective floor coverings. It is soft and comfortable, plus with about $2-$15 per square foot for each install, it is affordable. One of the best things about carpet installations is the fact that it can be easily installed, upgraded, or replaced.


  • It is cost effective
  • Easily cleaned with a vacuum
  • Warm and foot friendly
  • Very versatile, as it can be changed periodically


  • Retains stains and dust
  • It is less durable, especially if a low quality option is purchased

Preparation For The Carpet Removal Beforehand

Some of the things that you can do to assist us in better servicing you are removing all furniture from the room before our team arrives, which will allow I seem to have the space it required to haul the carpet away. 

Recycling Old Carpet

I’ll do carpet may be worn out and no longer suitable for your home they can still be re-purposed to create new products. One of the ways that carpet can be reused or we utilized is due to recycling.

Most carpet is made of plastic Which can be recycled. Rather than simply tossing your carpet in the trash, it can be Reuse it broken down into its raw components. The plastic resin Would be what is recycle and reuse to create other types of household products and possibly new carpet as well.

Not sure how to go about recycling your carpet? Simply give us a call and we will help.

We offer services to remove the carpet for you or pick up the carpet that you’ve already ripped yourself.

Carpet Disposal

Evergreen will haul away the carpet for you and dispose of it properly.

Carpets and rugs sometimes are made of other natural fibers and materials such as nylon, urethane foam, and polyester: The substance doesn’t break down And natural environments. Therefore they can be sitting Four years and Lynn Fields and the chemicals that are used to create the carpet can also release toxins which leads to pollution of the air, water, and soil.

We highly recommend recycling carpet whenever it is possible to do so. We will pick it up, Holloway and dispose of the carpet properly for you.

Carpet Removal Near Me

DIY Carpet Removal

There are a lot of sites that show you how to remove carpet’s yourself. If it is not a large area that you’re removing the carpet and it is something You can do yourself go ahead. But if you do need someone to pick up the carpet to properly dispose of it for you or if you have a large area that means the carpet to be cut and stripped, we can also help.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to the form above or by calling us to schedule a pickup taste and time. Just as a reminder we do offer same-day pick up as well as next day removal services as well.

No Obligation Booking:

You will not have any obligations by making an appointment online or any hidden fees. As a service company, we offer same-day carpet removal and next day carpet removal services as well. Our team will call you before they arrive at your location to do the removal service.

Fair Carpet Removal Pricing:

Our price is based on how much junk or space wouldn’t be needed to haul the carpet that you need to be removed.

 For example, the pricing for A bedroom will be different than an entire house of carpet removal. We provide you an estimate of price prior to doing the job. So you have no hidden surprises when it comes to the billing period.

We Take More:

Although we do carpet removal and tile removal, these are not the only services that we offer. We also have our various types of junk away including large appliance, couches, pool removal and more.

When you call us just ask For a specific service and a representative or whoever you speak with will better assist you.

Value Customer Service:

Creating a stress-free and smooth experience for you is one of the things we take pride in. We believe that customer service is valuable in all industries and Lead to positive referrals. Knowing that we can establish a professional trust between you and our company is something that we truly look forward to establishing.

Are you looking for a carpet removal services near your area? If yes, Evergreen Junk Removal Service provides the most professional service to customers in your area. Let our experienced team remove the old carpet for you.

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