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Are you preparing for an entire house or kitchen remodeling and need  a floor tile removal Delray Beach service provider? We offer floor tile removals, carpet removals, and even wooden floor removals. If you need a floor tile removal company reach out to us for a FREE estimate.

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Tile Removal Delray Beach, FL | Floor removal, tile removal company, tile removal service, floor removal company, floor removal services


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Benefits of Hiring a Tile Removal Company? 

For someone with little experience, tile and or flooring removal can be a long and tedious process. In many cases, you can search the world wide web for easy DIY (Do it Yourself) resources, however tile removal is much more than a simple task.

There can be many unforeseen events and challenges that can come along the way. If you’re searching for a safe and effective way to have your old tile or flooring removed, consider hiring professionals to get the job done right!

With comprehensive years of experience and knowledge, Evergreen Junk Removal Services specializes in tile and flooring removal in Delray Beach, Florida. Here are a few benefits of our tile removal service.

Tile Removal Delray Beach FL

Tile Removal Delray Beach FL

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Dust Build Up:

Tile removal is a process that undeniably produces heavy amounts of dust and debris. Because of this, the dust and grit from the removal process travels to areas of your home that is difficult to control once it becomes airborne.

In addition to this, based on the age and material of the tile, small particles can be created which eventually irritate the lungs. This can be especially harmful to those that suffer from respiratory issues. Overall, due to the overwhelming amounts of dust, your home’s air quality will suffer.

Save Money and Time:

Going about the tile removal process on your own can put a dent in both your pockets and time. You may spend hours searching for the correct tools – Not to mention the hours of videos you’d have to watch in order to understand the bare minimum about tile removal.

Your time is valuable. Save both your time and money by hiring professional with the correct knowledge. At Evergreen Junk Removal, we pride ourselves in using only the best tools and equipment that collects dust as soon as it’s produced.

These tools remove the need for additional cleaning after the tile is fully removed. In need of having your tile removed? Contact us today for your free quote!

Floor Tile Removal Delray Beach

Floor Tile Removal Delray Beach

Tile Removal Delray Beach Service

Tile Removal Delray Beach Service

Tile Removal Delray Beach Service

Can Floor Tiles be Recycled?

Wondering whether or not your old tile can be reused or recycled? Both ceramic and porcelain tile can be reused based on the condition. Have you finished a tile project and your left with a few pieces? There are some things you can consider.

For starters, you can contact salvage companies to see if they’d like to take the pieces off your hands. Secondly, you can always donate to building reuse organizations or charities. Organizations such as Habitat for Humanity ReStore as well as the salvation army are great examples.

If you’re unsuccessful with those options, you can always use the tiles for future projects. Apps such a Pinterest have ideas galore for the usage of porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Who Needs Tile Removal Services in Delray Beach?

If you’re currently renovating your home, office or commercial building, a tile removal service may be the service for you! Hiring professionals can alleviate the stress of doing it on your own in addition to making things simple, and done in a timely manner. With Evergreen Junk Removal, our crew has the expertise and experience to effectively help you get rid of your old tile and your new flooring in.

Our services are extended to

* Interior Designers

* Home Renovation Companies

* Residential and Commercial Spaces Renovation Interiors

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Tile Removal Delray Beach Services

Tile Removal Delray Beach, FL | Floor removal, tile removal company, tile removal service, floor removal company, floor removal services