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Garbage Pickup Services Provider

Garbage Pickup Service

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The amount of waste produced by homes and workplaces are alarming. These wastes tend to build up into mountains of trash except it is handled and processed in the right way.

This article would look into why it is important to take care of your trash before it piles up and pollute the environment by using specialized firms known as Garbage Pickup Companies who are trained in the business of handling home and industrial wastes.

What are Garbage Pickup Companies?

A Garbage pickup company is a specialized firm that is trained to do the business of collection and removal of garbage or trash. It involves the process of transferring solid wastes from the point of use and disposal to the point of treatment or landfill. 

These firms also engage in the management and recycling of some of the wastes collected, since not all wastes can be dumped on the landfill.

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Why is it Important to Hire a Garbage Pickup Company?

Best Garbage Pickup Service

Best Garbage Pickup Service

The importance of hiring a Garbage Pickup firm cannot be overemphasized. It is known that the sight of a hill of garbage is not one to be welcomed at all. Hiring a firm that deals with moving these garbage hills around is important because of the following reasons.

They help in looking after the environment: The activities of Garbage Pickup firms help in looking after the environment. Apart from making the environment look cleaner, these firms also help in recycling and treating some harmful wastes which could have had adverse effects on the environment had they been dumped on the landfill.

They offer convenience and professionalism in the cleaning of garbage and wastes: Without the Garbage Pickup companies, handling home and industrial wastes could have been a very hard endeavor to take on. However, their expertise and knowledge has made it easy to take care of industrial and home waste without fuss.

They also save cost and time: Handling your own industrial and home garbage would cost a lot more money and time compared to outsourcing them to a Garbage Pickup company. The time you could have used in processing your wastes yourself could be allotted to doing some other productive activities.

Florida Garbage Pickup Service

Florida Garbage Pickup Service

Florida Garbage Pickup Services

Types of Equipment Used by Garbage Companies Today

Garbage companies make use of a wide range of equipment in handling their everyday duties. Since the job of garbage cleaning is way more than just collecting and dumping of solid wastes, their equipment too vary. The equipment they use can be classified under the following divisions:

  1.  Garbage collection equipment: These are used to collect garbage from the source. They include shovels, hand scrapers, washers, brooms, etc. Also, garbage collecting vehicles like tractor front end loader, all wheel drive bucket loader, articulated steer loaders, etc are used.
  2. Waste treatment equipment: These are used for treating waste products that are deemed not suitable for the environment. Since some of these wastes are deemed harmful and cannot be left at the landfill, these equipments are used in treating them before changing them to the next form. They include agitators, stirrers, mixers, aerators, separators, dehydrators, incinerators, etc.

Garbage Items that can be Recycled

Energy conservation has been preached several times over the past years. The argument has been that there are ways we could save useful energy by recycling some of some of our used items. There is also the danger of dumping some of the garbage that are hazardous to humanity on landfills, hence the need for recycling.  Recycling reduces green house emission and saves a lot of valuable space on our landfills.

Since it is sure recycling is good for the planet, saves energy and money as well, it is advisable to recycle some of our garbage for the betterment of all. Let us look at some of the garbage items that can be recycled.

Plastic containers:

Plastic bottles and containers have found a way of being a part of our everyday life. From the plastic bottled water you buy, to the water bottles laundry detergents, to the plastic cans of soft drinks, our life cannot go on without these plastic containers.

In fact, it is said that there are over 50 million plastic bottles generated waste daily in the United States alone. Instead of letting all of these plastic containers go into waste, they can be recycled and used for other things. There are various dedicated bodies in different countries you can take your used plastics to and they would be recycled.

Disposable plates and cups: 

Disposable or paper plates and cups are usually used for the purpose of a party or other functions. When you throw a party and your guests use these plates and cups, ensure they are not tossed in the bins. Instead, collect them and recycle them. You can compost and shred them later. You can also put them beneath your mulch, around the base of your plants and flowers. They would decompose in a matter of weeks and help you retain soil moisture and provide nutrients for your plants.

Aluminum Cans:

We use products that are in aluminum cans from time to time. A lot of these cans are harmful when dumped at the landfills and can affect the environment. These cans can instead be taken to recycling centers where they can be recycled in a few months and turned to what can be used for the same purpose they were used for in the past.

Household Batteries:

The chemical in household batteries can be very dangerous to our health when they decompose at landfills. Instead, they should be taken to places where they can be recycled. Many post offices and libraries are specialized in the recycling of batteries.

Old Television sets:

Old and unused television sets should not be dumped to the landfills. It has been confirmed that old analog television could contain up to eight pounds of lead and other harmful heavy metals. It is truly risky to put them out there, so it is better they are taken to recycle centers instead.

There are a lot of other garbage that should be recycled instead of being dumped on the landfills, some of them are, ink cartridges, ceramics, heat resistant glass, crystal, mirror or window glass, etc.

Garbage Pickup Service Company

Garbage Pickup Service Company

Popular Garbage Pickup Companies and What They Do

There are quite a number of very good Garbage pickup companies in the world who have excelled in the business of waste management and processing.  The business has become very lucrative and has continued to attract more players annually. For the purpose of emphasis and clarity to anyone who might need to hire a Garbage pickup company soon, let us look at five of the most popular firms doing well in the business of waste management and how they go about doing their jobs.

  • Waste Management Incorporated: Waste management Inc. is a Garbage Pickup firm located in the United States of America. It is universally accepted that they are the best waste management firm in the United States. It has over 20 million customers in US and Canada and also boasts of over 21,000 collection and transfer vehicles. They are mainly in the business of collecting solid wastes from individual homes and workplaces. They dump the safe debris at the landfills and later transfer the recyclable garbage to recycling units where they are recycled for future use.
  • Clean Harbors: Clean Harbors are also located in the United States. They only came into the industry in 1998 but has grown in leaps and bounds leaving most of the experienced competitors in its wake. They have over 400 service stations in the United States alone. What Clean Harbors do is a little bit different from the others. They specialized on handling hazardous wastes only. They service the hazardous waste of federal, state, provincial and local governments. They also provide environmental, energy and industrial services.
  •  FCC: FCC was founded in Austria in 1988 but currently has its headquarters housed in Czech Republic. FCC is the biggest waste management firm in the whole of Central and South Eastern Europe. It boasts of 12 landfill sites, 5 composting plants, 10 transfer stations and 11 sorting lines. What FCC does is provide waste solutions for municipalities, industries, retail and domestic households. It has a large fleet of modern trucks that goes around to collect the wastes from wherever they are needed and take them to landfills and treatment sites as the case may be.
  • Stericycle Incorporated: Stericycle incorporated is a Garbage pickup firm with a difference located in the USA. It was founded in 1989 and has grown in leaps and bounds since. Stericycle is different from most Garbage pickup firms in approach. What they do is specifically collecting and disposing of regulated substances like medical and hazardous wastes.  It is currently the largest provider of medical waste disposal services in the United States.
  • Progressive Waste Solutions: This firm has a large presence in Canada and the United States. What they do is provide full service waste collection, from recycling to landfills. The company has over 4000 employees and has continued to grow into a world class firm in the past years.
Garbage Pickup Services

Advantages of Hiring a Garbage Pickup Firm

There are a lot of advantages that come with hiring professional garbage removal companies. They include:

  1. It saves time.
  2. It is cost effective.
  3. It helps in keeping the environment clean and friendly.
  4. It helps in promoting health and reducing environmental hazards.
  5. It helps in conserving natural resources by recycling garbage.

Hiring a garbage pickup company is very important when taking care of our everyday solid wastes. The truth is no one can do a job as well as a professional in the field would do it. Also, the relationship between us and our environment is important, and we can’t expect to live in a healthy environment if we do things that would put the environment in jeopardy for living.

Additional Services Provided Other Than Trash Removal

Where to Find Garbage Removal Company for Hire

Finding a garbage pickup company is not something hard. These firms are almost everywhere these days and available for business at all times. 

When you need to find a garbage removal company for hire in your country, you can just ask around from health and environmental agencies near you. Better still, bring out your internet enhanced phone and type garbage removal companies around me on any of the search engine you normally use, and you would definitely find one.

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