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Hoarder Cleaning Service

Hoarder Cleaning Service

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Hoarding is a serious issue easily overlooked, to some it is an embarrassing situation, to some they are unaware of the situation; to those who are aware and find it embarrassing, they employ hoarder cleaning services. Here’s what you need to know on the importance of hiring a hoarder cleaning service.


Hoarding is a continuous act, deliberate and well-orchestrated act that involves compilation and collection; possessions regardless of whether it is being used or not, it could make one look unkempt, unorganized or lazy. Hoarding is a complex psychological disorder. As too little an issue it may seem, it is a trivial one. 

It involves compilation and collection of possessions, regardless of whether it is being used or not can be a very perturbing situation for many; those who hoard believe that the items kept would one day be of great or grave importance to them, many are unaware that it is a serious issue until they settle down with a partner who finds it difficult to tolerate, and then the living or work space becomes choked up with unnecessary items so bad that there isn’t space for new items or it looks too clustered for habitation.

Hoarding is created first by the slightest of distress or difficulty in getting rid of an item because of a feeling that it would be important or it could save them. It is noticeable from the acquisition of too many items not needed- of which there is no space for-keeping these items till they become a cluster; disorganized, and in worse case scenario- aggressiveness to those who speak against it or attempt to reduce it.

Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding Cleanup


In order to eradicate clutters of possessions; to free living space, and to do it on the basis of understanding and relation with the hoarder, there was the need for organizations who could do this professionally.

Instances of hoarders breaking down emotionally when their possessions which they deem priceless is disposed is not a new tale; so basically, what a hoarder cleaning service does is that they reason on a psychological basis. 

Matt Paxon- a founder of a Hoarder cleaning service says he understood that for them, “its about life, love, and often times, grieving”, it requires this psychological understanding- building of trust, showing of compassion, and the job doesn’t end at ensuring the house is clean of clutters, but also ensuring it remains that way: so, it is more of a psychological service than a physical action.

It is therefore important to hire a hoarder cleaning service to avoid instances of emotional breakdown of the hoarder- which could graduate to a feel of loss of identity, memories, etc.   

Years Of Experience Providing Junk and Hoarder Cleaning Service For Our Customers

8+ Years

Our team is experienced in not only hoarder cleaning service but also large appliances, estate clean outs, and more. We have hauling specific trucks and dumpsters that can fit any size job.

Evergreen junk removal service is a junk hauling and removal company. Do you own a home or business and have all the hoarder cleaning service that needs to be removed or picked up? We are a company that works with business owners and homeowners to remove hoarded junk that they need to be gone.

Hoarder Property Cleanup

Evergreen Junk Removal Service provides a professional hoarder property cleanup, junk removal & disposal service for both commercial & domestic customers throughout the South Florida area.

Hoarding is a mental illness known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) which often unnoticed by the individual doing it – it can range from never throwing anything away, compulsively collecting certain items, or collecting animals in the same way as people collect souvenirs.

Our compulsive hoarding clearance team fully understand the complexity of obsessive and compulsive hoarding and not only experienced, but fully trained and consider the sensitive nature of the problem and the needs of people who struggle with this condition.

No two hoarder properties or individuals are the same, and it not only affects the lives of the hoarder but often times a landlord, family member or property owner who may find they are left to deal with the situation which can be quite overwhelming. With this in mind, our hoarder property cleaning service is specifically tailored to the individual property and the amount of time we estimate the job will take us.

Evegreen Hoarder Cleanup

Evergreen deals with the cleanup, removal of Trash and debris and sanitation from a hoarding property quickly and efficiently.

Hoarder property clearance typically involves cleaning a building or residence that a reasonable person would find uninhabitable due to a combination of filth and debris from hoarding and any number of potential health risks from items such as fecal matter, drug paraphernalia, bodily fluids, excessive trash, expired food, odor, boxed items, mold, mildew, infestation by lice or other insects etc.

The task of cleaning hoarding properties can often be a challenging one and is often impossible for an individual untrained in this serious and debilitating condition. In severe cases of compulsive hoarding, the very fabric of the building may have been unduly affected and we often find that the piles of what a normal person classes as rubbish i.e piles of newspapers are the only thing holding ceilings up.

In addition, there are several legal requirements which need to be adhered to when locating and safely eliminating biohazards such as faeces, blood, body fluids and needlestick’s which can cause serious illnesses if adequate precautions are not taken when clearing a hoarder property as well as the legal implications involved in transporting certain types of bio-hazardous waste on the public highway.

You can be assured that we'll have the experience, the professional training and use professional tools and chemicals to eliminate all potential hazards within a hoarding property.

The cleanup of a property that has been inhabited by somebody suffering from Compulsive Hoarding Syndrome should not be treated lightly, there is often much more than meets the eye underneath the piles of rubbish or accumulated junk some of which can pose a serious health risk to the person or persons carrying out the cleaning.


The effects hoarding has is what makes it a trivial matter. At first, the issue of hoarding might seem as something that shouldn’t be trivialized, something that can be easily called to order, but it takes more than looking at the surface to understand that hoarders need our help, the negative effects range from the physical effects to the psychological. The physical effects are as follows

SPACE REDUCTION: when there is a clutter of possessions, they flow out from inner chamber of the house to living or working space.

Every house has a space reserved for keeping valuables; it could be in the kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, shelves, drawers, store, closet, lobby, etc. but when clutters fill these places, they overflow into living space: thus, they hinder mobility, they create a mess- the living room is not enticing or receptive to visitors because a possession thought to be so valuable is laying on the couch.

The house looks so choked up; less homely, and in most cases, the hoarder is unaware that his or clutter has reduced the home space, and not until a thorough cleaning is this noticeable. Sometimes these clutters find their way even to the hoarder’s offices, cars, or shop.

While certain places in the house are for keeping items, it should not be done in such a way that it takes space; items kept should be shuffled; easily retrievable and easily accessible.

GIVES A DISORGANIZED PERCEPTION: finding clutters in a host’s house doesn’t speak well of the host; it gives the impression that the host is disorganized, in most cases, the host doesn’t notice that he or she is appearing disorganized.

All In All Hoarding Is Not Good

Hoarder Cleaning

BLINDS YOU FROM IMPORTANT THINGS: obviously in a messed-up state, the important things are easily misplaced, and in cases where the house is shared with children or partner, only the hoarder knows where certain things are placed. Hoarded obstructions distract you from that which you should treat as important.

Other physical effects include: rejection by loved ones based on non-understanding, blind perspective: limiting creativity and hindering progress.

Hoarding is a physical representation of a psychological defect not easily identified, the causes vary from genetic encoding to difficulty to move on after a terrific accident; post trauma, etc. Psychological effects of hoarding include:

  • DEPRESSION: when the hoarded possessions is forcefully taken away, it could lead to depression, the hoarder feels detached from his possessions which might be a representation of memories. It also points at obsession which makes it similar to Obsessive compulsive disorder.
  • HELD IN THE PAST: holding on to items that belong to the past, hoping that they would be useful in the future is a sign that the person is not ready to move away from the past; held back in the past limits progress- advancement, limits creativity as well; enhances retrogression.
  • Other psychological effects include: sluggish attitude, laziness, increase in body weight, low self-esteem, etc.

Hoarding Removal Services

We provide clean out services for both the interior and exterior of homes Using specialized trucks. Below is a list of the types of removal and hauling that we do.

  • Carpet disposal and removal
  • Table, chair and desk removal
  • Workout equipment removal and pick up
  • Bed, sofa, and couch disposals
  • Damaged Electronics Removals and Disposals
  • More detailed item list below

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As part of our stress-free direction in the removal service that we provide, you won’t need to lift a thing. Our team members are professionals and they provide efficient, friendly, and stress-free customer service.

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Do you need something picked up the same day? We can make that happen because we also offer same-day pick up the next day pick up options to fill that need.

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Over 70% of the items that we haul are recycled or donated. This is part of our Eco-friendly belief in order to help environmental sustainability.

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With our promises that there are no hidden fees, you will be provided with an estimate before we start any service. By doing this, you will feel no pressure and have no obligation required from us

Hoarder Cleaning Service for your area

HOW DO PROFFESIONALS APPROACH HOARDING: as said earlier hoarding services approach the job merely from trying to evacuate the physical mess, but instead evacuating the psychological mess, it begins with first recognizing that it might be a psychological defect, so at times they have to be shrinks, but mostly they have to be reliable, also they must be able to identify those items that would be of importance.

You do not want to convince a hoarder to throw away an item only for the item to be of importance later.

TIPS ON HOW TO CLEAN A HOARDERS HOME: In most cases the hoarder might want to dispose off items but would not know where to start from as clutters are designed to even frustrate the cleaning process, professionals begin by sorting based on items every household should have first, then disposing those that are repetitive based on understanding between themselves and the hoarder.

They work with four basic processes: they assess the situation, plan an approach, sort, and then restore the home to what it is supposed to look like

Making Appointments

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It doesn’t matter whether you have large appliances that are old or a couch that you need this post, whatever you need to be hauled and removed we will gladly take care of for you.

Hoarder Cleaning Service Provider
Hoarder Cleaning Service Provider

Hoarder Cleaning Service Provider


Basically, it is no news that the world is a global village, simply clicking on google and searching for hoarding services in your vicinity does the trick. In most cases, there are a lot of options to chose from, but in some countries where it is not considered an issue and so no service is in place to fix hoarding issues, it is best to speak to your partner, or trusted-understanding family member, or friend.

Hoarding is a subconscious act of retaining possessions even when they are not to be preserved, they are kept for fear that they would be useful someday. Hoarder cleaning services focuses on dealing with the physical and psychological defect of hoarding.

Hire Evergreen For Your Hoarding Clean Out

We make an effort to maintain a positive relationship with all past customers because again word-of-mouth helps every business succeed. The value that we put on delivering the best customer service is what makes us the company to go with for all your junk removal needs. 

Whether you need a a hoarding cleaning job done, pool removal, estate clean out and more. We value lasting relationships Because we want you to call us again after working with us.

Hoarder Cleaning Service Provider


A good company will rely on their knowledge, experience and customer service to attract and book new clients. However, on the other side of the coin, you will have companies who will try underhanded tactics to book a job. It is unfortunate, but we have seen it happen, to the great dissatisfaction of the client. This goes for any industry.

This is not to say that “everyone is bad except us.” To the contrary, there are certainly a number of good companies out there. We have simply provided some tips and things to watch out for when seeking a company to provide hoarding clean-up services, so that you are not taken advantage of and that you get the best service we’re sure you want.

Hoarding Tips: 

1) Some companies will “low-ball” hoarding estimates. They may tell you it will take 3 days at $X. Initially, this seems like a good deal until they begin work and tell you something along the lines of “it’s worse than we thought. It’s going to take us longer and will cost you more money.” Any hoarding clean up company worth its salt should be able to determine fairly closely, if not exactly, how long a hoarding clean out will take and how much it’s going to cost. Get an exact price and make sure they are going to stick to that price.

2) Another tactic some companies will try this: They bring a big truck or dumpster and tell you it will cost $X per truck load (or dumpster). Again, this may seem like a low price until you find out – when it’s too late to decline – that it took 15 truck loads to complete the hoarding clean-out. Again, get an exact price and ensure they will stick to it.

3) Beware of companies that tell you “this is a Stage X hoarding situation,” or somehow try to classify your situation. A true hoarding cleanout company has no business classifying anyone or any hoarding situation, and honestly shouldn’t even care.

They’re there to tell you if they can do the job and how much it will cost. They may compare it to other jobs they’ve dealt with, which is fine, but they are most likely not licensed psychologists and so have no right diagnosing or classifying anyone. If they do try this, chances are they are just trying to impress you with fancy lingo.

4) Every hoarding situation is different. There may be a number of similarities between hoarding scenes, but the circumstances are different, and almost every client’s needs and wants are different.

A good hoarding cleaning company will find out what you want done and adjust their scope of work accordingly. Steer clear of companies who tell you what needs to be done as they may just be adding additional and needless work at a greater cost to you. You may want to ask their opinion of what needs to be done and their take on it may be spot on, but watch out for those who enforce their opinions on you.

5) Some people request references before hiring a hoarding cleaning company. This is perfectly normal and is advisable in any situation where you are not sure of a company. Any experienced hoarding cleaning company should have a supply of references easily accessible.

Hoarder Cleanup Company

Hoarder Cleanup Company

Evergreen Junk Removal not only provides the above guidelines, but also, as you would expect, follows them. Our estimates are always an exact price and on a “Not-to-Exceed” basis. We realize that hoarding can be a sensitive situation not only for the hoarder, but also for any family or friends that may be dealing with it and, as each hoarding situation is different, we tailor each of our estimates according to each individual client’s needs.

We are available for and encourage any questions you may have regarding our services or hoarding cleaning services in general. Call us today.

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