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Are you looking for hot tub removal services around your area? If yes, Evergreen Junk Removal Service provides the most professional hot tub removal service and more. Let our experienced team remove the hot tub for you.

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Complete Hot Tub Removal

We offer a complete hot tub removal for homeowners who are not familiar with how to detach Hot tubs.

Some hot tubs required tools and insight regarding certain models and other specifications.

Our knowledge and experience having removed many hot tubs before will allow us to take care of the problem for you with ease.

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Evergreen Junk Removal doesn’t play games. We know we have a job to do and we will get it done.

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Hot Tub Removal Company

Years Experienced In Removing Hot Tubs For Customers

8+ Years

Our team is experienced in not only hot tub removal but also in in-ground pool demolitions as well. We have hauling specific trucks and dumpsters that can fit any size hot tub.

Types of Hot Tubs We’ve Removed
  • Glasfiber Hot Tubs 
  • Large Inflatable PVC Hot Tubs
  • Stainless Steel Hot Tubs
  • Acrylic Hot Tubs
  • Wooden Hot Tubs
  • Vinyl-liner Hot Tubs
Other Closely Relate Services We Offer
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  • Garage Clean Out Services
  • Attic Clean Out Services
  • Large Appliance Removal
  • Tree Debris Removal
  • Hurricane Shutters Removal
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Hot Tub Removal Service

Hot Tub Removal Service - Evergreen Junk Removal Service

Equipped For Any Hot Tub Removal Job

We have the supplies and equipment needed to remove any hot tub you see above and more. Let us take care of the hot tub that has been sitting in your backyard for the longest.

It doesn’t matter how heavy I how big the hot tub is, we have a team that can handle it.

If it’s not a hot tub that you can't remove on your own or easily get rid of, please give us a call. Even if you have a helping hand to help you maneuver around the hot tub don’t risk injuring yourself.

Save yourself a lot of effort, sweat, time and trouble. Let Evergreen Junk Removal Service take care of the hot tub removal for you.

Funny Recycling Meme

Did you know hot tubs can be recycled?

We believe in recycling.

At Evergreen Junk Removal Service we believe and sustainable disposal. When you call us we will come to your house to remove the hot tub and haul it So that you don’t even have to flinch a muscle.

If the hot tub is in good condition and we can recycle it even we will make sure that it is taken care of. We care about the environment and every junk hauling or removal project we do, these are things that we consider and have in mind.

Recycling Hot Tubs: We provide an environment-friendly hot tub removal service

Because hot tubs can be quite heavy As well as bulky, This makes it challenging to just dump in a landfill all in one piece. Plus, if they do wind up somewhere in a landfill they won’t break down and can become harmful to the environment.

As you can see, for this reason, we choose to recycle the hot tub’s that we remove because we see it as something highly important.

The hot tub’s that we take we can break down piece by piece in order to separate the reusable components. Components like plastic, stainless steel, wood and even fiberglass, when reduced down to the basic materials, can be recycled.

Be A Hero : Save Your Back

Even a hot tub covers, if you have them we can also make sure our recycle for you. We know you have daily tasks To do and we will save you the trip in trouble by also properly disposing of that for you.

Any heavy lifting Required, save your back. Don’t try to be Superman or superwoman and let us take care of the hot tub removal for you.

Need to prepare for the hot tub to be removed?

Preparing for a hot tub removal is simple. You don’t have to do a lot. The only thing you can do is make sure that the power supply is disconnected. Also, you can drain the water in order to allow the hot tub to be empty and completely dry.

Another minor detail and thing you can do is clear a pathway for us to be able to carry out the hot tub when our team arrives.Even if you are unable to do these things, they are things that we can take care of for you.

A Brief History Of The Hot Tub

Did you know that the hot tub have been around for centuries?

It was around 200 BC when the Romans created public bathhouses. They use concrete to create basins, which would use A combination of Hot Springs in cool water to make A hot bath a system.

This system was called a hypocaust. Can you imagine your moments had the idea for the hot tub before it was even called the hot tub?

At that time only the wealthiest and Rome could afford these type of hot baths in their homes.

According to Rome Vitam, That’s system back then is the closest thing to the central heating that we have today.

A lot of innovation’s In science, architecture, and even fashion sparked From Greece and Rome. Although, we are not here to give you a history class but to just give you insight regarding the beginning that would lead to the hot tub today.

Hot Tub Removal Services

Cost of Hot Baths and Hot Tubs Back Then To Now

Even back then they’re hot bath systems cost a lot to operate, maintain, and a repair. The same as today with hot tubs that or portable or installed in-ground In modern-day homes.

A lot of people still cannot afford to even purchase a hot tub, but some have worked hard and built wealth to be able to afford such luxuries.

Japanese Culture Inspired The Creation Of Hot Tubs

Japan innovated and inspired modern hot tubs that we see today. It was after the second world war American soldiers coming back from Japan to the states would bring with them the Onsens bathing facilities/culture. A combination of the Osens and Ofuros (a Japanese soaking tub) styled tub birthed the first wooden hot tub in the U.S. (Source Cited: Hotsprings)

It’s truly amazing to think about.

Is Your Hot Tub No Longer Good?

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