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Jacuzzi Removal Services Provider

Jacuzzi Removal Services

Jacuzzi Removal Service | Evergreen Junk Removal

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning on fixing a Jacuzzi or installing a brand new one, Jacuzzis are household appliances that enhance the interior decor of your home.

In this article today we will be looking at everything Jacuzzi – a bit of how, why, when, and what of the Jacuzzi to everything from purchasing to installing a new Jacuzzi in your residence and how to choose the best Jacuzzi service company.

Why is it important to employ the service of a Jacuzzi company?

Well, disposing of an old Jacuzzi involves more than having a couple of your gym buddies come over to your house and moving it out. The process is quite a tricky task that needs a professional touch. Jacuzzis are heavy and have lots of plumbing and electrical work attached to it.

This makes the use of professional removal vital to prevent unnecessary injuries or death. A professional Jacuzzi removal company considers the landscape around the Jacuzzi before removing it. The electricity and plumbing work will be shut off and the tub drained. 

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When the tub is removed, it needs to be broken down before dumping it in a landfill or taken for recycling. Most Jacuzzis are removed from homes as an empty Jacuzzi is a dangerous especially for a home with kids. An empty and unused Jacuzzi starts to mold and grows fungi that are harmful to human and a professional can remove it safely without hassle.

The advantages of using a professional Jacuzzi service company are:

  • For safety and security
  • Clean the surrounding area from leaves, shrubs, small trees and dirt before removing the Jacuzzi
  • They are professionals that understand the intricacies of installing and fixing the Jacuzzi
  • Easy disposal of the Jacuzzi tub
  • Cleaning the surrounding area and filling out the spot where the Jacuzzi was removed from
  • Breaking down and disposing of the Jacuzzi at a landfill.
  • It is cheaper to employ the services of a removal company that DIY
  • They have the necessary tools to do a clean job

In addition to the above, they ensure that the disposal is done according to law and you are free from any hassles with the environmental team of your vicinity.

Who needs a Jacuzzi removal Company and Why?

You need a Jacuzzi removal company because your old one is spoiled, you just got a new one or you just moved into a new home and won’t need the one that came with the property. Either way, you need us to help you clear out the mess without making a mess on your property. Jacuzzis are big, heavy, with plenty of outlets for different purposes. Some are used as water pipes or electricity pipes. 

Whatever the case, Jacuzzis are not small household appliances that you can do yourself without help. The Jacuzzi Company are there to help you create a suitable spot for the tub, make the necessary connections for water and power, install or remove the Jacuzzi, and clean up the surrounding after it is done.  In addition, they help you repair the Jacuzzi if it has any problems such as leaks or blockages, rusty pipes, and broken tubs.

A Brief History of the Jacuzzi

The Jacuzzi dates back to the 1900s when an Italian immigrant created a whirlpool bath for his son suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. The story of the Jacuzzi has different versions but one unchangeable fact is that the youngest of the Jacuzzi brothers is the creator of the renowned and most used hot tub in the world today. It is known as spas or by surname of the creator, Jacuzzi.

The Jacuzzi was created after Candido Jacuzzi realized that hydrotherapy eased the pains that his son suffered from. This small idea for his son turned to a big business that is used in the most industry especially the health and fitness industry. The original Jacuzzi had a 50/50 air and water mix to help relax the body. Since its inception, the Jacuzzi has grown in size and model to accommodate more people and do more for the user. Some features incorporated into the Jacuzzi over the years include a waterfall and energy-saving features, the use of light for therapy, hot water stream, and best of all; they are now very portable with different colors, shape, and style. The tubs are sold around the world and it is the largest manufactures of Jacuzzi tubs worldwide with over 250 patents for advance pump systems, jet technology, air controls and designs.

Jacuzzi Removal Service Provider

Jacuzzi Removal
Jacuzzi Removal Service Provider

Types of Jacuzzis

Depending on the purpose the Jacuzzi will serve, the Jacuzzi can be indoors or outdoors. The following are the types available.

Air Bath Whirlpool – these hot tubs have a steady flow of air that streams through the water creating a relaxing current excellent for hydrotherapy and water messages.

Jacuzzi whirlpool bath - these tubs are big and spacious with a streaming jet of water creating a deep and stimulating massage for the body. They are excellent for physiotherapy or just relaxing after a long week at work.

Jacuzzi water heater models - a combination of the air bathe and Jacuzzi whirlpool, the Jacuzzi water heater models release hot blasts of water and air for that deep muscle massage for the ultimate relaxation. They are particularly good tubs for use in gyms and spas. It can also be used in homes if you have a regular, high-powered workout routine.

Jacuzzi steam shower tub - in addition to the deep muscle massage feature, this hot tub ejects short bouts of hot streams of air and water that caresses the body through the attached show heads in the bath

Jacuzzi shower – this is an advanced technology to the regular shower system.

Types of Jacuzzi shapes

Jacuzzis come in various shapes to suit your style and space. They come as rounds, square, oval, rectangles, kidney, hexagons, and in regular standard bathtub size.

The uses of Jacuzzi

For therapy – this was the original intent of the Jacuzzi and still is. The Jacuzzi serves as a treatment for lots of ailments that require relaxation and deep water therapy for sore muscles.

As a spa treatment and in gyms for exercise people

For fun and entertainment

In the bathroom for a more relaxing bathroom experience

The cost of a Jacuzzi

Jacuzzis are expensive and installing is also expensive. The cost of a Jacuzzi depends on the size, material, model, and quality. A Jacuzzi can cost anything from 1000 dollars to almost 20,000 dollars and even more for customized Jacuzzis. A Jacuzzi shower cost range from 800 – 5000 dollars or more for a customized set.

The size of the Jacuzzi depends on how many people can comfortably sit in it.  Jacuzzis are 60cm by 32cm, 60cm by 41cm or 60cm by 60com depending on the shape. A small tub takes about 40 gallons of water while a large tub takes 100 gallons or more of water.

An elaborate Jacuzzi with multiple functions and features such as arm and headrest, digital control, chromatherapy lights, adjustable water jets, slip-resistant bottoms, heating systems, shower heads are more expensive than the regular bathtubs.

Jacuzzi buying guide

The number and age of people using the Jacuzzi

The number of pumps and filtration system

Where the Jacuzzi will be installed

The water channels and wiring system of the Jacuzzi

How much you are willing to spend on the Jacuzzi

The shape, size, and warrant of the Jacuzzi

There are more than 8 million hot tubs in operation in the united state of America and statistics shows that these numbers will drop over the next two year compared to the world. (Study conducted by pool and spa marketing).

Jacuzzi removal procedures
  • To remove a Jacuzzi, you will need the following
  • Protective clothing
  • Safety mask and goggles
  • Jigsaw and reciprocating saw
  • Work gloves and the hot tub instructions
  • A large dumpster
  • A water hose
  • A hammer and screwdriver
  • A wet/dry vacuum

Additional Services Provided Other Than Jacuzzi Removal

Jacuzzi Removal Services

Jacuzzi Removal Services

The process of removing a Jacuzzi

If you are not giving out your old Jacuzzi or removing a hot tub, we will advise you to allow the removal service team to saw it into smaller bits for easy disposal.

#1 - Read the manual: this is a very important aspect when removing the Jacuzzi. The manual allows you to know where the all the fittings are located including the electrical and water pipes, the heater and gas lines. Make sure that you understand the details before you begin dismantling the tub from your yard.

#2- Cut all the electrical circuit that supplies power to the Jacuzzi. The gas and heat lines should be off too and then removed from the appliance. After all, circuits are removed the outer wood of fiberglass covering using a saw. Ensure all electric circuits are off to prevent a shock.

#3 -Loosen all screws: the hot tub is held in place with screws, all the screws should be loosened with a screwdriver and hammer.

#4 - Separate the framework or saw the frame away from the tub

#5 - Drain the tub by attaching a garden hose to the water outlet to the drainage. Use a vacuum to remove any excess water remaining in the tub

#6 – Now use a chainsaw to cut the tub into smaller pieces and move them to the dumpster.

#7 – cleans the whole area: after removing the Jacuzzi, cover the area up or install a new one in place.

If you are giving the old Jacuzzi out, get able-bodied men to carry out the whole Jacuzzi out of the yard in one piece.

Where to find a Jacuzzi removal Company

To find a Jacuzzi removal company, ask for your local or state Jacuzzi retailer if they have any company that they can recommend or anyone that could come over in such notice. If there aren’t any in your immediate vicinity, check online for companies that provide such services. If you get one, don’t forget the necessary question like; when they started, portfolio, and testimonials.

If you are giving the old Jacuzzi out, get able-bodied men to carry out the whole Jacuzzi out of the yard in one piece.

Where to find a Jacuzzi removal Company

To find a Jacuzzi removal company, ask for your local or state Jacuzzi retailer if they have any company that they can recommend or anyone that could come over in such notice. If there aren’t any in your immediate vicinity, check online for companies that provide such services. If you get one, don’t forget the necessary question like; when they started, portfolio, and testimonials.

Removing your old Jacuzzi or installing a new one is the job of professionals with years on the job. However, if you were thinking of removing your Jacuzzi yourself, please don’t else you risk getting shocks or even more injuries. In addition, Jacuzzi professional company is safe, faster, and a clean cost-effective measure of removing your old Jacuzzi.

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