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Are you in need of a junk removal Sacramento service provider?

If yes, Evergreen Junk Removal offers same day junk removal services with experienced, licensed, and fully insured junk haulers in the Sacramento area.

Sacramento, California

Junk Removal Sacramento
Junk Removal Services Sacramento

One of the most obvious benefits of hiring a junk removal company to pick up trashes or even do house cleaning is time efficiency.

It can take you an entire weekend to clean every room and then sort through all the waste materials to separate recyclables from junk. And then there are also the trips to the recycling center and landfills at the end of the day. House cleaning is a monumental undertaking best left to professionals.

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One of the most obvious benefits of hiring a junk removal company to pick up trashes or even do house cleaning is time efficiency.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring

You cannot just hire any random junk removal company for the job. Do a little research and compare the offerings from multiple companies. Ask each of them these questions during the phone call.

What types of waste materials does the company take?

The best answer is “almost” everything. Pick a junk removal company that takes waste materials of any sort, including home appliances, furniture pieces, clothing, toys, metals, plastics, glasses, and other everyday household items.

Beware of any company that claims to take hazardous waste, batteries, toxic substances, and any other materials that most landfills cannot accept.

You must dispose of such waste in locations specifically designated to take the materials and approved by the municipal governments.

Does the company have any pricing structure?

Once the company provides an estimate, ask for a detailed breakdown of the cost you must pay for the services. Many factors affect pricing, including but not limited to labor, trucking, tax, and weight of debris. A detailed pricing structure helps avoid hidden fees.

It is the company’s responsibility to sort through the waste materials. However, you have every right to ask for an explanation concerning the recycling policy. A good junk removal company should dispose of all waste materials – depending on types – in an environment-friendly way.

Junk Removal Sacramento CA
Whether you need old furniture removal or debris removal, we can take care of that and more. Junk hauling services for residential and commercial property owners.

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Sacramento Junk Removal Service
Junk Haulers Sacramento


Time efficiency is an undeniable benefit, yet it is only one of many reasons why hiring a junk pick-up service to do the cleanup is a good idea.

Quick removal: the sooner the debris is hauled away from your yard, the better your house looks. Put in mind that junk pick-up often also offers house cleanup service as well, and they can organize the work within 48 hours from the moment you call.

A capable team of professionals: a junk removal company is not just a collection of random people working to take away waste materials from your home. The crews consist of professionals with various specialties such as technicians, mechanics, plumbers, heavy vehicle operators, etc. They try and make sure that your house remains intact even after the deep cleaning process.

Complete cleaning: as mentioned earlier, you can also ask a junk pick-up company to do a total cleaning, assuming the company offers such a service. This means every bit of waste material will be hauled away from your house to recycling facilities and landfills.

You can always rely on a junk removal company not only to pick up already collected trash but help you clean up an entire house right from the start. Just make sure you give detailed information to the company about what you need during the phone call or on-site visit to send the right people with the right equipment for your specific requirements.

Do not rush the search; take your time to look for the right company to avoid overpaying or getting undeserved.

Junk Removal Sacramento Company
Sacramento Junk Removal

Sacramento, California

Junk Removal Services Provided To The Following Sacramento Zip Codes:

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