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What we offer at Evergreen Junk Removal Service

Did you know that junk, in general, is broken down into various kinds? It is useful for us to determine what is piling up in our driveway or backyard as it will affect how we remove it. Below are two of the most common types of rubbish or junk a professional junk removal company is able to collect or pick up.

Demolition and Construction Junk or Debris

This type of junk is usually bulky and weighty material that is produced during residential and commercial construction and renovation projects. Construction and demolition junk or debris includes things like roofing shingles, bricks, ceiling tiles, asphalt, carpeting, fill dirt, wood, plumbing fixtures, bricks and concrete.

Junk Removal Bothell Company

Bothell Junk Removal Services

Bothell Junk Removal Company

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Hiring a Junk Removal Company

A lot of demolition and construction junk and trash like cement blocks and bricks can be recycled or reused. They are often combined with concrete and asphalt that can be packed down to create the base for roads, garages, and driveways. Any surplus of untreated and unpainted lumbers can be reused if you need additional lumber. This junk is also frequently chipped for application in landscaping as well as composting. Other types of junk under this category are metals that can be sold to junk shops and scrap-metal dealers.

Green Debris or Waste

This kind of waste is common in every household. This includes food waste as well as landscaping and gardening waste, which will naturally dissolve in due course. Think of things like grass, weed clippings, and branches as well as tree limbs. Other types of green waste include those from grains, bread, vegetable produce, and paper products.

Evergreen Junk Removal Services

Items That Fall Under the Category of General Junk

A lot of junk and waste that a junk removal company picks up from homes is likely to fall under the category of general junk removal. General junk can be unwanted debris that piles up around your backyard or garage or perhaps even in the attic and does not fall under the categories of backyard or construction and demolition. Some examples of general junk are newspapers, old clothes, toys, household trash, old tools, mechanical equipment, tables, chairs, and small household appliances. Junk removal companies usually ask that the debris or junk you want to dispose of is consolidated as best as they can be so that the service providers can offer a precise estimate. 

Efficient and proper waste management is best obtained at the time the junk is being produced. If all of us get involved in the proper disposal of rubbish and junk, we can have a positive effect on our personal wellbeing as well as ton he environment.

You can dispose of these types of junk with ease by contacting a junk removal company. A professional and reliable junk removal company will make sure that the junk is removed efficiently and disposed of properly.

Bothell Junk Removal company

Bothell Junk Removal Company

Bothell Junk Removal Service

Bothell Junk Removal Service

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