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Junk Removal Los Angeles hauling company. We offer junk pick up in Los Angeles. Junk hauling services near me. Junk pick up Los Angeles. Need same day junk removal in Los Angeles? Don't let the junk in your front lawn or backyard sit there any longer. Call us for your FREE estimate today!

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Los Angeles, California


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Junk Removal Los Angeles

Junk Removal Los Angeles

Junk Removal Los Angeles

Junk Removal Customer Service

Let's say that you need several hours to clean your house and take the trash out. Then you also need several more hours to sort through the waste material so you can separate recyclables from junk.

Finally, you have to haul them to a truck, drive first to a recycling facility, and second to a landfill. A professional junk removal company can finish the same work twice as fast, and you don’t even have to lift a finger.

Questions to ask before hiring

You only get the full benefits for the right price if you can find the right company for the job. Do your research and ask these questions to any company on your shortlist.

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Los Angeles, California

Junk Removal Los Angeles Service radius: 50 Miles

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Los Angeles Junk Removal

We are a full service junk removal company.  

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Junk Clean Up Los Angeles

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Los Angeles Hauling Company: 

What kind of waste materials does the company accept?

For most residential cleaning, the recommended options are junk removal companies who are willing to take all sorts of household items, including but not limited to furniture pieces, home appliances, clothing, books, rusty bicycle frames, unused car parts, plastic bottles, and so on. Avoid hiring any company that specializes in specific items only.

What is the company’s pricing structure?

The main purpose of asking for a detailed pricing structure is to avoid hidden or unexpected fees.

The pricing structure should contain a list of services included in the package you buy; common items in the list are labor, vehicle/transportation, price per pound of waste materials, and distance from/to your house. Each item comes at its own cost.

Junk Removal Los Angeles

Hauling Services Los Angeles

Hauling Services Near Me Hauling Company | Junk Removal Los Angeles
Los Angeles Junk Removal Company

Los Angeles Junk Removal Company

Los Angeles Junk Removal Service

Los Angeles Junk Removal Service

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Los Angeles Removal Service
Junk Removal Los Angeles
Junk Removal Los Angeles Service
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Why Evergreen Junk Removal Services?

Why Hire Junk Pick Up Service

There are many reasons why a junk pick up service is the best option you have for house cleaning and trash removal purposes:

Thorough cleaning: junk pick up and house cleaning are not the same thing, but both services are available from the same company. House cleaning most likely includes junk pick up as well. This means the company handles all the hard labor (not you!).

Quick cleaning: as discussed above, a team of professionals can get the job done much faster than a single person with a DIY approach. A junk pick up company sends a team of properly equipped professionals to tackle all possible challenges that may arise during the work; for example, difficulty to remove garbage, hot tub disassembly, broken window removal, and so on.

Proper disposal: as long as the company does waste separation services, you almost have 100% assurance that your recyclables will be sent to a recycling facility. It makes no sense to separate the trash and then dump everything in a landfill.

Some companies also offer to donate some of your old items to those in need through local charitable organizations. Just because you have unused items does not mean they cannot do any good for someone else.

Items in good condition, such as books, chairs, cookware, and perhaps some old clothing you don’t use anymore, can be donated to those in need. Ask for information regarding the charitable organizations willing to take donations, and then you should verify the information as a precautionary measure.

Junk Removal Los Angeles | Hauling Company

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