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What we offer At Evergreen Junk Removal Service?

There is a close relationship between Junk hauling and recycling, and In order to make the planet more habitable, you need to choose the right junk hauling service.

There is no doubt that the U.S government is concerned about the safety of the earth and has made several impacts over the years, in the reduction of carbon emissions also known as "greenhouse gasses" and raw solid waste. All these are commendable, however much still needs to be done in America in promoting a “green earth" and a recycling culture.

A recent report from EPA reveals the United States recycles less than 35% of its discarded materials which is still not high. Especially for a country that generates more waste than any other country in the world.

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Wayne Junk Removal Company

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You can however make a difference and the most important way of doing that is to recycle your junk. The fact that you can actually recycle your waste is not new information as many people know about it. However, some  people still  don't know the practices they can adopt to support recycling.

 Most of the things that constitute our trash are made from common materials and knowing these materials and good junk disposal ways will go a long way in helping the earth "green". The most common materials are listed below

Plastics - Do you know that the Fiber from five recycled plastic bottles is enough to make a one square feet of carpet or fill a ski jacket. More than 2.5 million plastic bottles are thrown away by Americans every hour. To save energy and the world, recycle a bottle today

Metals : The number of cans Americans throw away can be used to build America's entire commercial fleet. You save money every time you recycle aluminum.

Products: Since paper materials are gotten from trees, it is expected that when you recycle papers, you are indirectly saving trees. Also, research have found out that making paper from recycled paper does not cause air pollution unlike when it is being done with virgin materials.

Cardboard : When you recycle 1 ton of cardboard, you save 46 gallon of oil. You are no doubt saving expenditure when you recycle cardboard.

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There are several vital reasons why you should recycle your waste

Firstly, Apart from the economic benefits we get from recycling, we are also doing the world a favor in the long run when we recycle our junk properly. Some other important effects of recycling includes

It helps us secure and preserve our natural resources. This is very important because of the increasing population of the world.

As a result of recycling, we have less litter and less waste defacing our homes and streets and  people are prevented  from dumping waste into the sea, which can have hazardous impacts on the aqua life of the sea.

Recycling helps to preserve our forests and promote a forestation. For example in the case of paper recycling - The more paper you recycle, the more trees you preserve.

Recycling helps to reduce the use fossil fuel energy and by doing that, it helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

Wayne Junk Removal company

Wayne Junk Removal Company

Wayne Junk Removal Service

Wayne Junk Removal Service

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