Space Junk and Ocean Junk

Ocean and Near Earth Orbit Junk


Junk Removal Companies specialize in dumping waste material to the most suitable grounds. Most of the harmless bulk material is deposited in the usual landfills.

Meanwhile, hazardous materials are made non-toxic and collected at hazardous waste-dumps. Sometimes, the waste material ends up in unwanted places such as oceans and outer space. This is against the wishes of legislators and environmental advisors.

Ocean – the Junk Yard:

The Earth is covered with three parts of water with deep blue oceans. People, especially scientists and environmentalists, are concerned that those widely stretched water-bodies are turning to “ocean junkyard.” The “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” covers roughly 618,000 square miles and has 79,000 tons of plastic.

This “trash island” is made with plastics. These have been blown, dumped, and deposited into the sea for several years. The oceanic currents sweep the plastic trash island around the ocean. After that, this moves towards a “convergence zone.” This coincides with the location of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Space Junk and Ocean Junk

Ocean Junk

Potential Problems Due to Ocean Plastic Garbage:

The “trash island” comprising of mostly floating plastic garbage negatively impacts aquatic life. Many times, animals have got entangled in the plastic and struggled to escape. But in vain, they have died suffocating in those human made non-biodegradable plastics.

Animals, birds, and fish that come across pieces of plastic die eating those. Plastic material exposed to light breaks down during photo-degradation releasing hazardous chemicals harmful to the aquatic ecosystem.

Resolving the issue of Great Pacific Garbage Patch:

When Captain Charles Moore discovered the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, he observed as follows. Cleaning up the trash underwater would cause bankruptcy to the involved country. Additionally, it would kill all wildlife in the nets. Instead of remaining as a lump, the plastic components loosely float around at all times. Moreover, the plastic breaks down into microscopic pieces making the cleaning task extremely challenging.

Organizations, namely the Ocean Cleanup Foundation, are seriously considering how to clean up the ocean. This sort of assignment requires several years and improved technological innovations we are yet to discover.

Meanwhile, experts wish to educate people about how harmful plastic usage can be on the environment. People need to reduce their dependency on plastics regularly. They must reuse, recycle useable plastic of higher grade. Also, plastics of low micron should not be disposed of carelessly with the regular trash.

Space Junk:

Space junks are of two types – natural sources and human-made sources. The natural sources come outer space like meteoroids. Meanwhile, sources include spacecraft debris, different stages of the launch vehicles, non-functional satellites, and others. Space junk does not depend on the daily habits of mankind. About 500,000 pieces of space junk can be threatening to spacecraft and satellites, according to NASA records.

In a few years, the space junk wall around the Earth would be impossible to traverse. Hence, people would be trapped on Earth and would not be able to go to outer space. Scientists would like to use “space nets” to capture debris or use lasers to remove from orbit.

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