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A lot of times, people nurse dreams of traveling the world in a bid to see new places. Gradually in order to inch closer to those dreams, they decide to save up and purchase a boat.

Now while this is exciting and fulfilling at first, the joy is however short lived. This is not to discourage the use of boats or their purchase but without proper management and maintenance, it might all fall apart.

The reasons why people want to get rid of their boats range from high cost of maintenance to overwhelming environmental and financial problems associated with keeping them.

There are also reasons like the old and  dilapidated nature of the boat and the fact that it has served its purpose and it is time to cut it loose.

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When boats sit for long periods of time, they like other objects constitute environmental hazards and ills. It will obstruct the passage of other boats in the area.

Water is contaminated where boats sit for long periods and are not moved. The water clarity and the pH levels of the water are altered. This affects humans especially those who swim in these areas and living water organisms.

It alters the habitat for these organisms and makes it poisonous for them. Things like petroleum products or rust from the metals of the boat are very harmful to the habitat.

Where boats are abandoned for protracted periods of time at certain locations, it becomes an eye saw and could be harmful in the dark without the right illumination. Apart from water pollution, boats can constitute air pollution where it is left in places other than water.

There has been a growing concern about the increasing number of boats abandoned as a result of inadequate maintenance or its high cost. These boats constitute health hazards in communities.

A major environmental challenge with boats is the fact that it facilitates the change in water climate or clarity and therefore poses a risk to both humans and under water organisms.

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Whether you are in need of an immediate boat hauler in Fort Lauderdale or searching for a "boat removal Miami" company we got your covered.

At Evergreen Junk Removal we believe in encouraging a clean environment because of the many benefits it provides to local ecosystems. 

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When recruiting or hiring a boat moving or removing company, there are a few things that ought to be factors you look out for.

Of course everyone should be professional and curt in these business arrangements, but there’s more. When looking to dispose of your boat, you need a company with the right equipments to carry out the task.Firstly, your junks will be carefully sorted out and eventually sent for recycling for the items that can be recycled.

Eventually, the boat will be crushed after being stripped. While this may not be allowed on some sites, our staffs are innovative and resourceful in getting the job done. Working with us will save you a ton of money as we are very convenient and affordable and we try to bring you the best even on a tight budget.

Boating can get difficult and dreams can become very expensive. However we are here to meet your needs when you are thinking of disposing of your old boats.

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