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Why Choose Our Mattress Removal Service

Convenience Redefined

DIY mattress disposal? It is cumbersome and time-consuming. Evergreen offers effortless scheduling to fit your busy life. We handle everything: pickup, hauling, and disposal.

Efficiency and Expertise

Our team is skilled in swift and safe mattress removal. There is no need to worry about the how and where of disposal. We ensure every step is managed with professional care.

Environmental Responsibility

We're not just removing; we're eco-friendly. Your old mattress: recycled or donated, not just trashed. Choosing us means contributing to a greener Fort Lauderdale.

Mattress Removal Services by Evergreen Junk Removal

Welcome to Evergreen Junk Removal. We specialize in professional mattress removal in Fort Lauderdale. Disposing of old mattresses can be challenging. We offer an easy, eco-friendly solution.

Our service is not just removal; it's about responsible disposal. Choose us for hassle-free, environmentally conscious mattress disposal.

Impact on Fort Lauderdale:

  • Improper disposal harms our city's beauty and environment.
  • Recycling reduces landfill waste, which is crucial for our community.
  • Professional disposal ensures compliance with local regulations.

Evergreen's Commitment:

  • We prioritize eco-friendly practices.
  • Our goal is to minimize environmental impact and maximize recycling.
  • We advocate for a cleaner, greener Fort Lauderdale.

“A clean and clear space is nirvana.
Clear out with Evergreen Junk Removal.”

Our Mattress Removal Process in Fort Lauderdale

Roadside Mattress Removal Service Fort Lauderdale

Step 1: Easy Scheduling

  • Begin with a simple call or online booking.
  • Flexible timing tailored to your convenience.
  • Same-day service is available for urgent needs.

Step 2: Quick Confirmation

  • We confirm your appointment promptly.
  • You receive a precise time window for our arrival.
  • Expect a courtesy call before we arrive.

Step 3: Contactless Pickup

  • Our team arrives equipped for the task.
  • Contactless pickup options for your safety.
  • We handle all the heavy lifting, and no assistance is needed.

Step 4: Efficient Removal

  • Mattresses are removed quickly and safely.
  • Our team ensures no disruption to your routine.
  • Emphasis on "Fort Lauderdale mattress pickup" efficiency.

Step 5: Responsible Disposal

  • We transport the mattress for proper disposal.
  • Focus on "reliable mattress disposal in Fort Lauderdale."
  • Commitment to eco-friendly practices at every step.

Environmental Impact and Recycling Efforts

At Evergreen Junk Removal, our environmental impact and recycling efforts are at the heart of our service, especially regarding mattress removal in Fort Lauderdale. We understand that every mattress we remove has the potential to contribute to sustainability. This understanding drives our commitment to "sustainable mattress removal" methods, ensuring that each step minimizes waste and reduces landfill use.

Regarding the fate of your old mattress, our approach is two-fold: 

donation and recycling. Mattresses still in good condition are donated to local charities and shelters, extending their life and benefiting those in need within our community. For mattresses that are beyond reuse, we ensure they are sent to recycling facilities, where they can be broken down and repurposed, thereby diverting them from landfills.

We are deeply committed to Fort Lauderdale's environmental goals. Our services are designed to align with the city's initiatives for waste reduction and recycling, particularly in our focused efforts on "recycling old mattresses in Fort Lauderdale." We do more than remove mattresses; we ensure they contribute positively to the community's waste management and environmental awareness.

Mattress Removal Company Fort Lauderdale

Pricing and Packages for Mattress Removal in Fort Lauderdale

At Evergreen Junk Removal, we believe in transparency and affordability in our pricing structures.

Our mattress removal services start at a competitive rate of $99, ensuring you receive value for your money without compromising quality or efficiency. 

Our pricing is designed to cater to various needs, whether a single mattress removal or a larger project.

Value for Money:

  • Our rates are carefully calculated to provide you with the most cost-effective solution for mattress disposal.
  • We offer exceptional service quality at affordable prices to our Fort Lauderdale community.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Evergreen Junk Removal is committed to customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility.
  • Our efficient, eco-friendly disposal methods offer a significant advantage over standard removal services.

Special Packages:

  • In addition to our standard rates, we also offer special packages for bulk removals or repeat customers.
  • These packages are tailored to provide additional savings for more extensive or ongoing removal needs.

Transparent Pricing:

  • There are no hidden fees or surprise charges - our pricing is upfront and transparent.
  • We provide detailed quotes before service, ensuring you know exactly what to expect.

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MAttress Removal Fort Lauderdale FAQ

How do I dispose of a mattress in Florida?

Disposing of a mattress in Florida involves a few steps, especially if you're looking to do it in an eco-friendly manner. You can start by contacting a professional service like Evergreen Junk Removal. Here’s how the process typically works:

  1. Schedule a Pickup: Contact a professional mattress removal service and schedule a pickup for your mattress.
  2. Professional Removal: The removal team will come to your location to pick up the mattress.
  3. Breaking Down the Mattress: Once the mattress is collected, the professional service will begin the process of breaking it down. This typically involves:
    • Separating the Cloth and Covering: The outer fabric and covering are removed and separated. These materials can often be recycled or repurposed.
    • Foam Extraction: The foam layers inside the mattress are extracted. Foam can be shredded and used in padding or insulation.
    • Metal Springs and Framework: If your mattress has springs, they are separated from the rest of the materials. Metal springs can be melted down and recycled.