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Hoarder Cleaning

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In order to eradicate clutters of possessions; to free living space, and to do it on the basis of understanding and relation with the hoarder, there was the need for organizations who could do this professionally.


Instances of hoarders breaking down emotionally when their possessions which they deem priceless is disposed is not a new tale; so basically, what a hoarder cleaning service does is that they reason on a psychological basis. 

Matt Paxon- a founder of a Hoarder cleaning service says he understood that for them, “its about life, love, and often times, grieving”, it requires this psychological understanding- building of trust, showing of compassion, and the job doesn’t end at ensuring the house is clean of clutters, but also ensuring it remains that way: so, it is more of a psychological service than a physical action.


It is therefore important to hire a hoarder cleaning service to avoid instances of emotional breakdown of the hoarder- which could graduate to a feel of loss of identity, memories, etc.   

Evergreen junk removal service is a junk hauling and removal company. Do you own a home or business and have all the hoarder cleaning service that needs to be removed or picked up? We are a company that works with business owners and homeowners to remove hoarded junk that they need to be gone.

Hoarding Cleanup


The effects hoarding has is what makes it a trivial matter. At first, the issue of hoarding might seem as something that shouldn’t be trivialized, something that can be easily called to order, but it takes more than looking at the surface to understand that hoarders need our help, the negative effects range from the physical effects to the psychological. The physical effects are as follows

SPACE REDUCTION: when there is a clutter of possessions, they flow out from inner chamber of the house to living or working space.

Every house has a space reserved for keeping valuables; it could be in the kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, shelves, drawers, store, closet, lobby, etc. but when clutters fill these places, they overflow into living space: thus, they hinder mobility, they create a mess- the living room is not enticing or receptive to visitors because a possession thought to be so valuable is laying on the couch.

The house looks so choked up; less homely, and in most cases, the hoarder is unaware that his or clutter has reduced the home space, and not until a thorough cleaning is this noticeable. Sometimes these clutters find their way even to the hoarder’s offices, cars, or shop.

While certain places in the house are for keeping items, it should not be done in such a way that it takes space; items kept should be shuffled; easily retrievable and easily accessible.

GIVES A DISORGANIZED PERCEPTION: finding clutters in a host’s house doesn’t speak well of the host; it gives the impression that the host is disorganized, in most cases, the host doesn’t notice that he or she is appearing disorganized.

BLINDS YOU FROM IMPORTANT THINGS: obviously in a messed-up state, the important things are easily misplaced, and in cases where the house is shared with children or partner, only the hoarder knows where certain things are placed. Hoarded obstructions distract you from that which you should treat as important.

Other physical effects include: rejection by loved ones based on non-understanding, blind perspective: limiting creativity and hindering progress.

Stress-Free Hoarder Cleaning Service Provider

As part of our stress-free direction in the removal service that we provide, you won’t need to lift a thing. Our team members are professionals and they provide efficient, friendly, and stress-free customer service.

Emergency pickup:
Do you need something picked up the same day? We can make that happen because we also offer same-day pick up the next day pick up options to fill that need.

Belief in the environment:
Over 70% of the items that we haul are recycled or donated. This is part of our Eco-friendly belief in order to help environmental sustainability.

No Hidden Fees:
With our promises that there are no hidden fees, you will be provided with an estimate before we start any service. By doing this, you will feel no pressure and have no obligation required from us


Basically, it is no news that the world is a global village, simply clicking on google and searching for hoarding services in your vicinity does the trick. In most cases, there are a lot of options to chose from, but in some countries where it is not considered an issue and so no service is in place to fix hoarding issues, it is best to speak to your partner, or trusted-understanding family member, or friend.

Hoarding is a subconscious act of retaining possessions even when they are not to be preserved, they are kept for fear that they would be useful someday. Hoarder cleaning services focuses on dealing with the physical and psychological defect of hoarding.

Hire Evergreen For Your Hoarding Clean Out

We make an effort to maintain a positive relationship with all past customers because again word-of-mouth helps every business succeed. The value that we put on delivering the best customer service is what makes us the company to go with for all your junk removal needs. 

Whether you need a a hoarding cleaning job done, pool removal, estate clean out and more. We value lasting relationships Because we want you to call us again after working with us.

Hoarder Cleaning Service Provider

Hoarder Cleanup Company

Hoarder Cleanup Company

Evergreen Junk Removal not only provides the above guidelines, but also, as you would expect, follows them. Our estimates are always an exact price and on a “Not-to-Exceed” basis. We realize that hoarding can be a sensitive situation not only for the hoarder, but also for any family or friends that may be dealing with it and, as each hoarding situation is different, we tailor each of our estimates according to each individual client’s needs.

We are available for and encourage any questions you may have regarding our services or hoarding cleaning services in general. Call us today.

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