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Are you in need of boat removal Minneapolis service provider? If your answer is yes, Evergreen Junk Removal Service provide boat disposal Minneapolis and junk hauling services. Contact us today for an estimate and let our professional team come take care of that old boat for you.

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Keeping a property that isn't being used is needless hence the primary reason for spring cleanings and yard sales. This also translates to boats that aren't in use by their owners anymore.

Why are we the best boat removal company for you?

1. Safety

Removing boats comes with certain levels of risks, and we are best equipped to handle these risks. Our workers follow a strict set of safety guidelines set in place to prevent any hazards from occurring.

2. Resourceful

Some guidelines govern the disposal and removal of boats, and it is always best to use a company that is dedicated to following the right guidelines.

We not only follow due process in all of our boat removal processes, but we also make use of the right equipment to prevent any on-site accidents.

3. Disposal

Boat removal is one process; the right disposal is another. A good boat removal company is one that is great at carrying out both activities. Our company is certified in both of them. We not only remove your boat, but we also save you the stress of getting a disposal company when we take care of the disposal in a way that is safe even for the environment.

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An unused boat sitting on the dock day in, day out poses a lot of risks both to the environment and to the owner.

  • Pollution

Pollution arises when these boats are left to rust out there on the deck. It is easier for the parts of an old boat to rust faster. This is due to the lack of maintenance and servicing of the significant machinery parts. Rust causes iron oxide, and this could be potentially dangerous to the water flora and fauna.

  • It could cost the owner

In some states, abandoning an unused boat is seen as a crime punishable with fines as high as $3000. Apart from fees that you might incur from abandonment, you'll be called for questioning if your boat is used in any criminal activities.

  • Potential of Being Used in Criminal Activities

Just like abandoned houses are used as dens for criminals, abandoned boats are too. Sometimes, smugglers use them to store up their goods before and after moving them. Again, people who transport drugs via waterways can use them to store these drugs too.

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Buying a new boat is one good reason for discarding the previous boat. Boat maintenance isn't as easy as it sounds and unless you are actively paying people to clean both boats out, you should cut down on costs.

If you were dared to look through your wardrobes, I bet there'll be things in there that you haven't used in a long while. The general neglect that comes from not using an old belonging also translates to boats.

Why hold them in docks and leave them to potentially harm the environment when no one is using them anymore? It is far better to get rid of them for every party involved.

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