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Junk Removal San Francisco

Junk Removal San Francisco

Junk Removal Customer Service.

Most homeowners think that house cleaning is a labor-intensive chore because it indeed is. The actual cleaning itself can take a full day to complete, and that does not include the waste separation task afterward. Make your life easier; hire a junk removal company for the job.

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Questions to Ask Before Hiring

Do simple online research to compare prices and services from at least several different companies. Narrow down your search by asking these questions:

Where does the company take the waste materials?

Most companies will give the same answer: landfill for trash and recycling station for the recyclable waste. In some cases, you’ll get an even better answer that involves landfill and recycling centers and composting facilities, and charitable organizations. At the very least, make sure the company does the waste separation before throwing everything away. Ask the company to look for as many recyclable items as possible in your pile of trashes.

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Junk Clean Up San Francisco
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San Francisco Junk Removal Company: 

Does the company have insurance?

Hiring a junk removal company that has no insurance is a big mistake. This job requires a lot of manual labor, hence the risk of physical injuries. Without insurance coverage, you are most likely held liable for any accident/injury during your homework. Depending on the severity of the injury, the medical expense can be much more expensive than hiring.

Remember to ask whether the company specializes in specific waste materials (furniture, bathtub, construction debris, landscaping debris, etc.) or takes all sorts of household items and junks. Make sure the company can take all the items you want to throw away.

San Francisco Junk Removal Services

San Francisco Junk Removal Services

Junk Removal San Francisco CA
San Francisco Junk Removal Company
San Francisco Junk Removal Service
Bulk Removal San Francisco
San Francisco Removal Service
Junk Removal San Francisco
Junk Removal San Francisco Service

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Why Evergreen Junk Removal Services?

Reasons to Hire Junk Pick-up Service

If you think junk removal work takes too much time and requires extra energy on your part, then hiring professionals for the job is probably the better alternative you have. Apart from time-efficient and effortless cleaning, there are many other good reasons to make the phone call.

Deep cleaning: put in mind that junk pick-up and house cleaning are two different services. The good thing is that many junk removal companies also offer services to do a deep cleaning too. If that is the case, you’ll be all relieved from all the heavy lifting. You can also hire the company to do both whole-house cleanup and debris removal. Of course, you have to pay more for a complete package, but you get the full benefit as well.

Zero health and safety risks: either house-cleaning or junk pick-up work is potentially risky. Especially if you haven’t had the time to do a deep cleaning for quite a while, you probably can’t remember if there are toxic substances or tiny sharp objects in the basement. Hiring professionals for the cleanup works means reduced risk of physical injuries and toxicity. An experienced company will send a team of professionals equipped with protective gear.

Proper waste disposal: a company with a good recycling policy will take care of the waste separation process. It will only send trashes and junk to landfills while every other item is hauled to the nearest recycling facility.

It costs money to hire professionals to clean up your house and haul the waste away. Choose the company well through comparison and interview processes to make the most out of the expense.

Junk Removal San Francisco CA