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If you need any junk removed, or need your trash hauled away - we’re the ones to call for Rubbish Removal and Garbage Pickup in Boynton Beach. With Evergreen Junk Removal, you will be equipped with a licensed, insured, and ready to help service for all your South Florida junk pick up needs!

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Why is Boynton Beach worth Keeping Clean?

In a bid to enhance the quality of life in Boynton Beach, there is a need to clean up the local environment. As relaxing as the beach may be, we need to make an effort to keep it clean and free of litter and debris.

The seas at Boynton Beach are home to many aquatic creatures and if waste is not responsibly managed and disposed of it may end up in the water. This creates a hazard for those looking to enjoy the local beaches and the animals that reside in these waters.

In recent years, arising number of fish have been found to contain mercury due to consuming man-made pollutant that were disposed of in the local water sources.

These fish are now considered harmful if consumed. So, while you enjoy the sun and sand of Boynton Beach, try to keep it clean because it will also help protect the water and wildlife that reside in those waters.

Junk Removal Boynton Beach FL

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Boynton Beach Junk Pick Up:

Research has it that there is over 5 trillion pounds of plastic waste in the oceans, and not all of that waste comes from trash left on the beach.

Most it comes from the waste of the surrounding environments. Recycling is important to both the natural environment and also to us as human. As the population of Boynton Beach increases so does the amount of waste that can be seen on the street and beaches of our city.

Waste has a negative impact on our environment and hence the need for recycling is a must if we want to keep our city looking clean and environmentally healthy.

What kind of junk materials can be picked up?

We can help you with junk material of any kind or any size from:

  • Furniture and appliance removal to general junk removal
  • The removal of leftover construction and renovation materials
  • Removals of hot tubs or spas
  • Business, estate, or foreclosure clean outs
  • Trash and debris removal
  • Need a different service? Call us to get a personal quote!

From commercial spaces, industrial sites, and construction debris, we can take care of whatever junk removal need you have!

Boynton Beach Garbage Pickup Service

Boynton Beach Garbage Pickup Service

Boynton Beach Garbage Pickup Services
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Who is in need of Junk Removal Services in Boynton Beach?

Junk removal can be difficult and stressful. If not properly disposed of it may become hazardous to individuals, wildlife, or the environment. We are here to help assist in these matters and to lift the burden of proper disposals.

Often individuals are unsure if they have junk that needs to be removed or they question if it is an item that they can repurpose. We have found that if you are not going to immediately reuse the item, then it is best to recycle it and we are here to help with that.

If you’ve just built a fence and need to get rid of the old, worn out boards, we can take those off your hands! If you find that you’re living in a home cluttered with trash and you find it difficult to keep track of your belonging, we can help clean that out and lift that burden! Call us today for a customized quote and to see how we can help with your unique project!

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