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Junk Removal San Diego

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If you haven’t cleaned up your house for quite a while, doing it now can be a back-breaking chore. You may not feel anything for the first 30 minutes of the job, but it gets more complicated by the minute after that. It is a physically demanding task, but you can use the services from a junk removal company to help.

What to Consider when Hiring

As a rule of thumb, compare the offerings from at least two different companies.

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San Diego Junk Removal Company: 

Ask as many questions as you can think of before deciding to hire any of them. A few good questions to ask:

Where are the trashes hauled?

There can be only several good answers to this question: recycling facilities, landfills, composting centers, and charitable organizations (for donation). While you may want the company to haul everything for recycling, sometimes there are just too many non-recyclable junks. So please at least make sure that the company will sort through the waste materials to find as many recyclables as possible. Also, ask whether the company is willing to donate old items (in good conditions) to those in need through local charitable organizations.

What about insurance?

Look for information regarding insurance on the company’s website. Whether or not you can find it, ask directly if the company is insured. Should an accident happen during the work in your place and one of the crews is injured, or the company’s equipment is damaged, you will not be held liable for the incidents.

You also have to make sure that the company does accept the waste materials you want to throw away. Avoid hiring any junk removal service specializing in one specific trash (such as furniture, home appliance, construction debris, etc.) if you have waste materials of any sort in the house.

Recycle policy is equally important. You don’t want to take the blame when your trashes are found lying around in random locations. Instead, it is best to ask the company where they will take the waste materials. Ideally, only junks are sent to landfills, but recyclables are hauled to the nearest recycling station.

Junk Removal San Diego
Junk Removal San Diego Service
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Why Evergreen Junk Removal Services?

Reasons to Hire Junk Pick-up Service

The effortlessness of the cleanup process is just one of many good reasons that you need to hire a junk pick-up service. Other than that, these are some excellent points to get you even more convinced.

Deep cleaning: let us clarify that junk pick-up or removal is actually quite different from house cleaning, but the former most likely offers such a service. If you pay for a complete package, the company would be willing to do the entire work for you. Although total cleaning costs more, you also get much more benefits from it. Instead of just cleaning or hauling waste materials, the company does both.

Proper disposal method: all collected waste materials are disposed of in an environment-friendly manner. Recyclables are sent to recycling facilities, while the trashes are thrown away to landfills. Some companies can also help you donate unused items (in good condition, of course) through charitable organizations, preferably in your local area.

Minimum safety risk: household waste may look pretty safe compared to industrial residue. But there is always a possibility that you keep pesticides, detergents, flammable liquid, and other hazardous substances in the garage or basement. Do not handle those items without protective gear unless you know what you’re doing.

For the money you pay, the company should meet and exceed your expectation. It would help if you had assurance from the company that the house will be thoroughly cleaned after the works, debris hauled to the suitable locations, and health & safety risks reduced during the process at the same time.

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